Marvel’s Daredevil | Bang // Season Premiere Recap Review

The streets are kept safe by the Daredevil, until gangs are brutally torn apart by unknown assailants, and Nelson and Murdock help people find better ways to live in Hell’s Kitchen.
Aside from a heat wave, the residents of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, have been able to live relatively peaceful lives thanks to the help from the Daredevil. And, since their successful case against corruption kingpin Wilson Fisk, Nelson and Murdock have taken on a number of disenfranchised clients in need, even if those clients pay in food, and not in money, putting the small law firm in the red on their finances. But this isn’t enough to change Matt, Foggy, and Karen’s collective good mood.

However, with Fisk in prison and his associates either dead or in hiding, a power vacuum has begun, bringing all of the smaller gangs to the big time and trying to grab any piece of Fisk’s leftover kingdom for themselves. In particular, the Irish mob is interested in coming together and taking the lion’s share of the drug trade. This dream is blown apart by a barrage of gunfire, cutting down everyone at their meeting, except one.

Grotto, a low-level thug with the Irish manages to slip away, panicked, and seeks help from Nelson and Murdock, who are spending a night playing pool at Josie’s Bar. Even intimacy with Karen can’t distract Matt from noticing the heavy heartbeat of Grotto, or his concealed gun, his finger twitching on the trigger. Confronting him gives Grotto the chance to ask for help. He’s willing to turn over any evidence or knowledge of the Irish’s crimes as long as they protect him from whatever gang is out to finish him off. They barely take the case before Grotto passes out from the gunshot wound inflicted earlier.

While Karen gets Grotto settled at the hospital, Matt and Foggy split up to find any leads to their new case. Foggy, putting his Hell’s Kitchen connections to good use, visits the local motorcycle club, Dogs of Hell, who were recently attacked by the same group that took out the Irish. The Dogs are less than cooperative, ready to cut Foggy up until he convinces them he’s helped their friends in the past. This buys him a few pieces of information, but not enough to get him anywhere. He hopes Matt has better luck.

Matt dons his mask as the Daredevil and pays a visit to Hell’s Kitchen’s most infamous thug, Turk Barrett, now running his own gun sales since his work with Fisk is no more. He’s not exactly happy to see the Daredevil, but eventually, with some forceful persuasion, tells him everything he knows about a cartel group that were hit recently. This leads him to a warehouse by the docks full of bodies on meathooks and empty of all their guns. One survivor, just barely alive, tells the Daredevil that they weren’t hit by a group, but one man.

Karen has been doing her best to keep Grotto safe at the hospital, which becomes more difficult when an unknown assailant enters with a shotgun, aiming for Grotto. She drags him out as fast as she can, followed by constant near misses of gunfire, only narrowly escaping with the help of the Daredevil, but this shooter may be too much for even the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to take down.

The second season premiere of Marvel’s Daredevil “Bang” shows the continued struggle for the little people of Hell’s Kitchen. While Daredevil protects them in the night from rooftops, stopping the bad guys from hurting innocents and assisting the police in their arrest, Nelson and Murdock has grown to be a driving force for those who can’t afford the big name law firms like Hogarth, Chao, and Benewitz, or even able to afford the small firm. But Foggy, Matt, and Karen still work to help them to the best of their ability.

While Matt has steadily progressed in skill and determination of his nightly crusade, since their case against Wilson Fisk, both Foggy and Karen have come a long way from there more timid characterizations. Karen, not the degree holding lawyer like Foggy or Matt, has made Nelson and Murdock successful just through her sheer will do get things done and help these people as best she can. While acting as a secretary, taking notes, scheduling appointments, she goes above and beyond in finding every detail she can about a client’s case,, often even before Matt or Foggy know about it. Foggy, while not the smoothest lawyer in New York City, makes up for his lack of style in heart and guts, and some adrenaline, not questioning his path to find information in a case, even if that means standing up to gangs like the Dogs of Hell, who almost make the SOns of Anarchy look like toddlers on tricycles.

This case for Grotto and discovering the motive of the one man army looks to take them down some dangerous roads. Not dangerous for the corruption and gang intrigue they met with working against Fisk, but a more brutal and real danger of being torn apart by a spray of bullets.

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