Marvel Luke Cage | Soliloquy of Chaos / Recap Review

More people are rooting for Luke than he knows, Zip tries to step up, and there’s something powerful about seeing a black man that’s bulletproof and unafraid.

Luke breaks free from police custody after being accused of holding hostages at Harlem’s Paradise. He’s nearly caught once again until a sympathetic cop puts his trust in Luke to take down Diamondback, the man really behind Harlem’s chaos. While Luke runs, Diamondback is making plans of his own to sort out his men’s loyalty. He sends Zip to take care of Shades, who was arrested at Harlem’s Paradise, while he deals with Domingo and his gang with a new weapon Harlem hasn’t seen before.

Bailed out by Zip, Shades follows Diamondback’s men, expecting to meet with the boss and figure out their next step. But, following orders, Zip tries to strangle Shades, until he breaks free and gains the upperhand. Shades gets the answers he wants from Zip, then puts him down. Now, on the run from DIamondback himself, he delivers to Mariah what they need to get Luke to take down Diamondback for them; proof of Carl Lucas’ innocence.

While Luke Cage figures out his own plans to take down Diamondback, Harlem stands united behind him. In a show of solidarity, people on the streets begin wearing hoodies with holes in them, made popular by Luke’s run in with rapper Method Man, who goes on radio to tell how Luke saved his life. With this new surge of support for Luke Cage, Candace comes forward to Det. Knight and confesses the truth to Cottonmouth’s murder.

Things are coming to a head in Harlem as Luke Cage and Diamondback prepare for the final confrontation.

“Soliloquy of Chaos” shows the moves of all the players that have become involved in this game, as visualized by Bobby Fish and his chessboard. It also serves as the beginning to the end, as all of these characters end up at Pop’s, setting the climax for the season finale. But my biggest comment for this episode is “Thank you for not killing off Shades!” From the beginning, Shades has been one of the most intelligent and interesting characters this show has to offer. From his moves between Cottonmouth and Diamondback to how to steers Mariah, the man from the shadows seems to be one of the ones controlling the game to the best of his ability.

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