Marvel Daredevil | The Man in the Box // Recap Review

These are hectic days in Hell’s Kitchen, DA Reyes comes clean about the Castle murders, and Claire gets new patients.

Mahoney and the NYPD fine a frightening scene of five victims with their blood drained, barely clinging to life. The Daredevil called in an anonymous tip and strongly suggests they are brought to Metro-General, Claire’s hospital, to someone that they can trust, for fear that Nobu and the Yakuza will come looking for them. But the night gets better as word goes out that Frank Castle has escaped prison.

In a panic and fearing for the life of her child from the Punisher, DA Reyes asks the formerly of Nelson and Murdock, Matt, Karen, and Foggy, to speak with her in her high security office, looking for any new information on his whereabouts. In return she explains everything. Her involvement with the Caste Family murders, the sting to arrest the Blacksmith that went south, and he her attempts to cover up her mistakes for the sake of her career. Her confession is brought to an end when bullets rain down on her office, Matt only given a second to push Foggy and Karen to the floor for safety. Reyes lies dead on her desk. Foggy took a flesh wound to his shoulder. Matt sees the destruction falling around innocent people and his friends, and leaves to do something about it. With Matt gone and Foggy in the hospital, Karen and Ellis try to predict Castle’s next move, taking out those who crossed him. They rush to the DA’s crooked medical examiner, but are too late. Ellis has Karen escorted back to her apartment to get any files she has on Castle in an attempt to save anyone else. There, she is confronted by a calm and unarmed Frank, who tries to convince her that these attacks aren’t him.

Looking for answers to the chaos in his streets, Matt visits Fisk in his imprisoned exile. Learning that Castle was put in the same cell block as Fisk, he’s convinced he had a hand in his escape. With the prison in his control, Wilson shows no fear of this amateur attorney, until Matt threatens to pull Vanessa’s visa, preventing them from ever being together again, when he lashes out and shows his true self, the Kingpin in power, able to attack Matt while guards stand by and do nothing.

Shaken by his encounter with Fisk, Matt suits up and stands guard over Metro-General, waiting for any sign of Nobu. Claire has been doing her best to bring her new patients out of critical condition, but is freaked out by the blood work reports she is seeing. Not only were these victims drained but also injected with unknown chemicals. With her patients stabilizing, she tries to give Matt his a taste of her own medicine, reminding him that he is in fact human, a person who needs connection, and not to distance himself from his friends because they are distractions or for fear of them getting hurt. Claire’s advice fall on deaf ears, but only for a moment, as the Hand’s assault on Metro-General begins.

“The Man in the Box” sets the final pieces on the board of Hell’s Kitchen, as Reyes, and everyone else, begin to lay their cards on the table. Very few questions remain as the streets are once again turned into a war zone as those involved in the Castle murders are punished, and the Hand take back what was taken from them. While intense, this episode feels like the calm before the storm, if a hail of gunfire could be considered calm, and our characters prepare for their final confrontations of the Hand and the Blacksmith.

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