Marvel Daredevil | Seven Minutes in Heaven // Recap Review

Karen tries to bring the truth to light, Matt needs to fight his war alone, and there’s only room for one Kingpin.

Matt and Electra are ambushed in Matt’s apartment by the Hand, ending in Electra killing a young, scared boy to keep him from returning to his superiors. This act shows Matt who Electra truly is, and he can’t accept her ways, nor she his.  While Electra leaves the defense of Hell’s Kitchen from the Hand to Matt, he tracks down a frightened Roxxon Corporation accountant, who hesitantly reveals the Hand has kidnapped his son to ensure his cooperation and are holding him someplace called the Farm. The Daredevil infiltrates the warehouse and discovers one of the Hand’s many secrets; they are draining the blood of people, but to what end, Matt doesn’t find out. His investigation is cut short after setting the Hand’s victims free when Nobu, an old enemy, confronts Matt.

Karen arrives to the office with a new lead into the Castle family murders, but Foggy isn’t interested as he packs his things. After a brief argument that morning with Matt, Nelson and Murdock, for the time being, is no more. While Foggy accepts his new life without the drama of Matt Murdock and his vigilantism, Karen refuses to give up. She goes back to Ellis with her new information, telling him about the testimony from the county medical examiner during the trial that was stricken from the record. They question the examiner, who is hiding in a cheap motel and convinced he is being followed because of what he knows about the Castle murders.

Unable to keep his head down during his imprisonment, Wilson Fisk wasted no times making moves to take over his new barred surroundings. He began with moving some money around and gaining the loyalty of a few thugs, and now has his eyes set on managing the flow of contraband in and out of the prison. To take this over, he must first deal with the current kingpin, an inmate named Dutton, who coincidentally had a hand in the massacre that killed the Castle family. Fisk uses this information to convince Frank to condemn himself to prison for a meeting, where he will get Frank into Dutton’s cell and he can get the answers he needs, killing Dutton when he’s done. Frank is less than thrilled to make a deal with a scumbag mob boss like Fisk, but he accepts the opportunity. Once he puts a shiv to Dutton’s throat, he tells the whole story. The meeting was a sting set up by undercover police to arrest a heroin dealer known only as The Blacksmith. Once it was discovered that the police infiltrated one of the gangs, the Blacksmith pulled out of the deal, causing tension between the gangs, which led to the shoot out. Frank now has a name, but Fisk doesn’t like loose ends. He double crosses Frank, leaving him to die by the hands of Dutton’s crew. Fisk is shocked to see the violence Frank conducts to survive, and changes his plans, letting Frank Castle walk free from prison to continue his war against the criminals of New York.

“Seven Minutes of Heaven” follows a theme of characters accepting their roles and who they are. Matt and Electra know each other’s methods, and know they can’t work together. Foggy makes the decision to stop splitting his time between Matt and his ambitions of being a lawyer, and focuses on his career. Karen jumps head first into her new role as a novice investigative journalist, picking up where the late Ben Urich left off. We also saw incredible brutality from Frank “The Punisher” Castle within prison as he accepts his eternal war as The Punisher. But what sets the dark tone for this episode is the surprise inclusion of Wilson Fisk. Casting a large shadow over season one, this presentation of Fisk has grown past the entrepreneur who timidly works from the shadows, and now tosses aside any pretense that he might be a good man. Fisk has accepted his character, as stated in the season one finale; he is the ill intended. Having Vincent D’Onofrio return, even for just a few scenes, is a treat, especially in this new truly villainous Wilson Fisk as he takes large strides into becoming The Kingpin.

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