Marvel Daredevil | Semper Fidelis // Recap Review

The People v. Frank Castle is now in session. While Matt struggles to prepare for court with Foggy and Karen, the Daredevil prowls the streets at night with Elektra.

Nelson and Murdock find themselves back in the spotlight as they work one of the most divisive cases New York has seen in recent history. But, despite everyone having an opinion on the Punisher, a jury is selected and the trial moves forward. While Foggy and Karen hold strategy meetings, Matt steps out of the office more and more to work with Elektra in finding out what the Yakuza is up to. Elektra manages to find the author of the encrypted text found at the Roxxon party and politely asks him to translate it, which leads them to a train yard full of dirt and a squad of Yakuza guards. Resting at Matt’s apartment after their fight, Matt and Elektra start to find the common ground that brought them together in the first place, comparing scars and sharing the battle behind them.

But a long night of fighting causes Matt to sleep late, putting Foggy front and center of the jury as he does his best to come up with an opening statement, which Matt was supposed to give. Catching the end of it Matt reassures him he did a great job, and quickly comes up with a plan to trick the D.A.’s witness, the county coroner, to admit that he falsified the death reports on the Castle family. Matt assures Foggy he’ll handle it and Foggy can prepare other aspects of the case. Karen joins Matt for a strategy session, discussing the possibility that the Punisher has in fact done some good in taking criminals off the street permanently. Matt doesn’t think anyone is above the law, or that murder is excusable, while Karen isn’t so sure.

The following morning, Matt prepares to poke holes into the county coroner’s statement and the D.A.’s case, but before he can get a word out, the coroner confesses everything he did. He tells the judge that he was coerced to doctor the reports of the Castle family’s deaths, and was again forced under pain of death to reveal his crime that morning. When asked, he gives a description of his assailant; a tall, masked woman in black, with a foreign accent. Elektra. Matt tells Foggy about what he and Elektra have been doing, driving a new wedge between them as Foggy is infuriated at his constant lying to him, storming off to prepare the rest of the case, which will be that much harder as the coroner’s confession can not be used in court.

“Semper Fidelis” shows the very thin line that Matt Murdock walks between his dual identities. By day he works within the bounds of the law, to give everyone a fair trial. By night, he uses brute force to bring criminals to justice and into the hands of the authorities. That line is often blurred for him as he tries to balance the two, Elektra complicating his life even more, but where he remains solid is his commitment to not killing anyone. Even if he thinks the men the Punisher killed deserved it, he doesn’t see himself or anyone as the judge of who lives or who dies.

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