Marvel Daredevil | Penny and Dime // Recap Review

Matt’s work is not yet done, Karen looks for the rest of the Punisher’s story, and the Irish perfect the art of revenge.

Matt, Karen, and Foggy, attend the funeral of their recently departed client, Grotto, who was shot by the Punisher. Unable to save him, Matt is taking the death hard, knowing he did everything he could, but unable to shake a sense of guilt, which even Father Lantom in unable to assuage. He tries to put himself back into work at the law offices, as Karen reveals the files she was able to procure about The Punisher’s victims. Against Foggy and Matt’s caution, as usual, Karen tracks down any leads she can and find, which brings her to the empty home of Frank Castle.

Karen isn’t the only one on Frank’s tail, as the Irish, lead by returning and vicious boss, Finn, hunt down the man who’s killed their men and, most importantly, taken their money. After finding his hide out, they corner him, taking him down, not without a fight, and bring him the an abandoned warehouse to interrogate their captive in search of their lost finances. Frank isn’t an easy one to break, until they threaten to hurt the dog Frank rescued from their dog fighting ring. He tells them exactly where their money is, as well as the bomb waiting beneath it.

The Punisher lead the Irish into a well prepared trap, breaking his bonds, with the help of a razor blade sewed into his skin, questions Finn about who was there in the shootout that killed his family. Not getting any answers, he unload a shotgun shell into his face and prepares to fight off the rest of Finn’s thugs, but gets some unexpected help from the Daredevil. Together they are able to put them down and walk out alive, only barely, in Frank’s case. Finding a place to rest, Frank tells the Daredevil his story; his life in the army, his family, his return home, and the loss of his family that set him on this path of vengeance. But now, he’s tired, and accepts his arrest by the NYPD.

With the Punisher off the streets, Matt finally feels a sense of relief, and sees the days of vigilante justice are over, willing to let law and order protect Hell’s Kitchen from now on. He even makes a date with Karen. Could this be the beginning of a new, happy, life for Matt Murdock?

Watching Frank’s trap for the Irish unfold in “Penny and Dime” was interesting, if not somewhat disturbing. This episode showcases who Frank “The Punisher” Castle is. Not just the strained gunman, but the pure, raw, brute force of him. Frank puts Matt’s ability to take a beating to shame. He is electrocuted, beaten, drilled right through his feet, sews and then pulls a razor blade from his skin, shot multiple times, and still he is able to put up a fight until the very end when he is just… tired. The moment following these injuries is heart breaking, and, I imagine, a too real story for veterans of war. Jon Bernthal’s performance gives a powerful performance in this episode, as well as the emotional monologue in the end. Any doubts of his casting are tossed aside after.

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