Marvel Daredevil | Guilty as Sin // Recap Review

Matt learns more about Stick’s war, Elektra makes her choice, and Frank thinks about what he wants.

Furious with Elektra’s involvement in his case , he confronts her seemingly for one last mission. Together they find what they believe to be a Yakuza hideout, but instead come across a very large hole, and the source of the train cars full of dirt. They’re examination of this pit is cut short when a group of ninjas stealthily strike against them, putting Daredevil at a disadvantage as they make no sound as they move. As Elektra is seriously wounded, Stick appears, killing them remaining ninjas and taking them back to Matt’s apartment to heal Elektra.

Though Elektra was cut and poisoned, Stick manages to get her on the mend. With Elektra’s survival assured, Matt and Stick begin their usual argument over his war and the people he drags into it, namely Elektra. Trying to bring Matt to his side once again, he explains the ancient origin of this war between ninjas seeking immortality, the Hand, and Stick’s faction who fight against them, supposedly, to protect the world, the Chaste. Matt is unconvinced of these fairy tales of ancient ninjas and immortality, and turns his concern to Elektra.

Foggy and Karen go forward with Frank Castle’s trial without Matt, calling for a character witness, Castle’s commanding officer, Col. Ray Schoonover. Col. Schoonover holds nothing but the highest regards for Frank Castle and the work he did while in Iraq, namely saving his fellow soldiers from an ambush, which granted him the Navy Cross. But this positive portrayal of the Punisher is soon wiped clean when and angry son calls out against Frank for the murder of his father. In an attempt to bring Frank back into the positive life as a soldier who lost his family, Karen reaches out to Matt to question Frank on the stand, finding him with Stick and Elektra, currently recuperating in his bed. Matt agrees to question Frank, but notices something is wrong, hearing a prison guard whispering to Frank. Matt’s questioning falls on Frank’s deaf ears and he appeals to the jury about the protection they need from vigilantes like Frank Castle. Instead of going along with Matt’s statement, Frank throws out his case and condemns himself, quickly ending the trial and putting himself behind bars for multiple life sentences.

With the trial over and the Punisher behind bars, Foggy and Karen are ready to be done with Matt’s lies, as Elektra heads Matt’s comfort and decides that she is more than Stick’s warrior. They seem to only have each other now, and must figure out how to work together to fight this war and protect this city.

One of my critiques of the first season of Daredevil was that I wanted to see more courtroom drama, more lawyering from Matt and Foggy. This season has not disappointed in that area as with the conflict with D. A. Reyes and the trial of Frank Castle. “Guilty as Sin” turns up that drama for the characters as Frank Castle sees the effects his crusade against Hell’s Kitchen’s criminals has on the people of the neighborhood, as well as showing the breaking point of Matt’s friends in dealing with his lies and constant absences.

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