Marvel Daredevil | Dogs to a Gun Fight // Recap Review

Foggy and Karen defend their new client from the DA, and Matt survives a gunshot to the head, but with some consequences.

While Karen gets Nelson and Murdock’s new criminal client, Grotto, into police protection, Foggy uses some New York deception to search the city’s rooftops for any sign of Matt, finding him barely conscious. He does his best to take care of him back at the apartment, begging him to to stop his vigilante actions and let the police and lawyers do their job. These pleas fall on deaf ears.

After dealing with Jessica Jones’ very public murder of Kilgrave, District Attorney Samantha Reyes now shifts her focus to taking down this new gunman vigilante they’re calling the Punisher, and she has no interest in working with the law firm of Nelson and Murdock to do so. But Foggy is crafty as he is stubborn and proves to Reyes just how far he’ll go to protect his client, and that they will not be bullied. Reyes concedes, and begins to questions Grotto and determine what kind of deal can be made. Unfortunately, all the information Grotto has is about criminals who are either dead or fleeing the country from the Punisher, so Reyes offers something else; Grotto is to wear a wire and meet with a former associate, a heroin dealer high on the DA’s list. For his cooperation, Grotton will be placed in witness protection.

Despite words of caution from Foggy, Karen, and even Melvin Potter, Matt sets out to find the Punisher before anyone else gets hurt, a task made even more difficult as he enhanced senses are on the fritz due to his massive head injury. But he pushes through them, tracking down the Punisher’s “lair,” a rundown apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, full of automatic rifles, DIY grenades, and a defensive, but loveable dog rescued from the Irish’ dog fighting ring. Among the equipment is also a high end police scanner and hears the setup for Grotto’s sting, however according to the cops, it’s a trap for the Punisher, using Grotto as bait. A trap the gunman is now very aware of. Daredevil rushes to the scene to stop the Punisher from taking out Grotto and any other police officers and confronts the Punisher for a second time.

DA Reyes was introduced into the MCU in the season finale of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, strengthening the idea of a close knit street level of events and characters for these Netflix series. Also starring in that season finale was Claire Temple, Matt Murdock’s close friend/kind-of love interest, as well as the superhero doctor for Hell’s Kitchen. While not appearing in “Dogs to a Gunfight,” but Claire talks to Jessica about Matt, and the things she says ring true as we see more of how his character has progressed. Matt is proud of the work he does for Hell’s Kitchen and how he keeps people safe, but underneath that pride, Matt is constantly questioning himself and his actions, and Claire worries that the more he prowls the rooftops at night, the more he does so out of a NEED to do something meaningful, rather than a desire to do what’s right. This begins to show itself in his interactions with Karen and Foggy, who think he’s given enough blood in defense of Hell’s Kitchen, but Matt is set in his resolve to stop the Punisher, even if it means giving his life to do so.

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