Marvel Daredevil | A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen // Season Finale Recap Review

Matt and Elektra take on the Hand together, Frank Castle returns home, and the people of Hell’s Kitchen know who’s really looking out for them.

With Stick tied to a chair in Matt’s apartment, he and Elektra have one less thing to worry about as they decide their next step against Nobu and the Hand. But their plans are rushed when Mahoney’s files on Daredevil are taken, specifically those indicating everyone the Daredevil has saved. Using them to lure Daredevil and Elektra into a trap, the Hand rounds up the citizens of Hell’s Kitchen who are, in one way or another, connected to the vigilante, including Karen. Elektra is all too aware that this is a trap and cautions Matt from storming their warehouse, but he can’t let innocent people suffer because of him, and goes in for the attack. After taking down a number of Hand soldiers and getting the hostages to safety, Matt and Elektra prepare for the next attack.

While the police surround a warehouse full of hostages, ninjas, and vigilantes, Frank Castle returns home. With Schoonover dead and the Blacksmith’ s drug ring ended, Frank spends a moment in his home, the returning for the first time since he lost his family. But the peace and quiet, and the justice he fought and killed for for his family is still not enough to sate his war against the criminals of New York City. Turning on his police scanner, the Punisher finds the appropriate armor to back into battle in.

The Daredevil and Elektra find themselves trapped on the rooftop, Hand soldiers coming from both below and up top. They’re realistic in their chances of facing the entire cult of ninja’s at Nobu’s command, and take a moment to question what if? What if they survive? They’d be hunted, but they’d be together, running from exotic location to sexy hideaway, embracing their lives of adventure as they run from the Hand. It’s a life both seem to be ready to accept, if they survive. As they step back onto the battlefield rooftop, Nobu and his soldiers await them, while Karen, Mahoney, and the rest of Hell’s Kitchen watch in amazement as they trade blows. While Elektra fights of each wave of Hand soldiers, Nobu and Daredevil face off one last time, until Nobu finally has Daredevil defeated. But as he goes for the killing blow, Elektra steps between them, giving her life in exchange for Matt’s. Enraged, Matt goes after Nobu, with surprising supporting fire from the Punisher on an opposite rooftop. With Nobu cornered, Matt throws him from the roof to the ground, where Stick awaits to take Nobu’s head, killing him once and for all.

With the Hand defeated, at least for the time being, things begin to slowly go back to normal for the residents of Hell’s Kitchen. Foggy takes an interview from the very prestigious law firm of Hogarth, Chao, and Benowitz. Jeri Hogarth herself meets with Mr. Nelson, offering a very competitive deal to bring him to their firm. Foggy is just the type that Jeri Hogarth needs, the type of person who is unafraid to take the case involving vigilantes, or as Hogarth refers to them, people with complexities. Karen Paige is still wracking her brain on how best to write her article, ideally the first of many that will be published by the bulletin. She decides to focus this one on the question, what is it, to be a hero? With her first draft underway, Matt asks her to meet him at the old offices of Nelson and Murdock, where he has something he needs her to see; a red mask with devil horn. He confesses to Karen, he is Daredevil.

Exciting  fight choreography and the return of entertaining characters like Turk Barrett aside, “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” wraps up the season with the completion of many story arcs, all circling a common theme; destiny. This entire season has focused on our heroes figuring out who they really are, and where they belong. While working for Nelson and Murdock, Karen investigate leads and sources, something she found herself to be good at, and honed by the late Ben Urich, until she was sitting in his old office, learning how to be a good journalist from Ellison. Foggy works hard to not only be a good lawyer, but protect and defend those who need it, where he agrees with their motives or not. This drive and skill opens the door to Jeri Hogarth, who seems to be looking for superhero attorneys. Frank Castle, a man at war with the gangs of New York for the murder of his family, early on accepts he’s the monster that people paint him to be, and the monster they need him to be. He does what the Daredevil is unwilling to do in killing the criminals, preventing them from hurting anyone else. He takes on his role as “The Punisher” proudly. Even Claire Temple, while not given much focus, fights to protect and help those around her, tired of the bureaucracy of her hospital.

And time was given to Matt as he struggled with balancing his life as Matt Murdock, defense attorney, and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He constantly dances on that line between good and evil, mercy and killing, trying to figure out his role as the Daredevil, if he’s a hero, or is he judge, jury, and executioner. He is constantly pulled in either direction, but Karen, who seems to represent Matt’s light, and Elektra, who lures him into the dark. The final confession from Matt, “I am Daredevil,” wraps up this season as these characters step into their roles that will carry their stories forward.

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