Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Uprising // Recap Review

Inhuman blackouts send the world into chaos, Quake and the Ghost Rider team up, and Simmons kills May.

While spending time in Miami for her friend’s bachelorette party, an Inhuman extremist group blacks out the entire city, threatening to his more cities every hour unless the Sokovian Accords and Inhuman registrations are destroyed.

While SHIELD scrambles to find those responsible and end the blackouts, Daisy and Robbie have come to an agreement to help each other in their fight, Robbie admitting that what connects the Watchdogs to the ghostly scientists is him. But their search for answers is put on hold before it begins, when the Inhuman’s blackout LA, causing all digital electronics to stop working. Fortunately, Robbie’s 69 Charger was built before the inclusion of any type of computer, allowing Daisy and Robbie to continue to travel throughout the city to come to the aid of Robbie’s younger brother, Gabe, who is confined to a wheelchair and finds himself assaulted by rioters. Daisy and Robbie step in just in time and get Gabe home, where he reveals he knows who Daisy really is; Quake. Gabe takes of his older brother just as much as Robbie takes care of him, and Gabe doesn’t want Robbie around any kind of bad people. He tells Daisy to leave his brother alone, or he’ll call the cops. Daisy leaves Robbie behind.

As the blackouts get worse, so does Agent May’s condition after a brief encounter with what appears to be a ghost. With the help of Dr. Radcliffe, they determine that what is causing May and the Chinatown Watchdogs’ hysteria is a heightened sense of fear. They are literally being scared to death. To counteract May’s symptoms before she dies, Radcliffe suggests killing her, or turning her off and on again, letting her system reboot, and then shocking her back to life. Without any other solution, Simmons goes along with the plan and injects May with a serum that kills her. As her heart stops beating her heightened fear disappears and they prepare to bring May back, but the Inhumans attack DC, blacking out Radcliffe’s lab. Simmons struggles to bring May back without the help of any technology, when Radcliffe retrieves the shielded power source from his life model decoy, Aida’s heart. Using it to power the defibrillator, Simmons manages to resurrect May before any damage could be done to her body or brain during her shutdown.

Landing in Miami and intending to meet up with Elena, Coulson, Mack, and Fittz head deeper into the blackout zone with little to no electronic equipment, all of it being shut down once they entered the blackout radius. These attacks don’t feel like Inhuman’s work to Coulson, and his suspicions are verified when they reach Elena’s hotel, where the guests are being threatened by a group of Watchdogs, hunting for any Inhumans in the building. Coulson and his team make short work of the Watchdogs, with the help of Elena, who has revealed her Inhumanity to her friends, who run at the sight of her. With some good old fashion science involving a few bottle corks, metal pins, and water, Fittz determines theorizes that an EMP is causing the continued blackout, and locates the area it is coming from. Once finding it, guarded by more Watchdogs. After taking them out, Coulson turns off the EMP and restores power to the city, calling into SHIELD HQ with his newly acquired information.

As SHIELD agents around the world end the blackouts and arrest any Watchdog agents, Director Mace and Coulson discuss a plan to move forward. Mace had a detailed strategy on bringing SHIELD back into the public eye, but after the world was seemingly threatened by Inhumans, Coulson thinks the best time to come forward would be now, Mace takes to the podium to relay the events of the last few hours, accusing the Watchdogs of the blackouts in order to instil fear into the people of this Inhuman threat. But he assures the world that SHIELD is back o protect both human and Inhuman alike.

While the past two episodes have been rather exposition heavy to catch up viewers between the six months that have passed, they’ve also been slightly dull with little action to catch our attention. “Uprising” changes that with intense fight sequences involving Quake and Robbie, and Coulson and his SHIELD team. Even Fittz shows he’s learned a few moves. But, this episode also reaches a crucial moment for the world, when they are under the belief that they are actively being attacked by Inhumans, and that SHIELD is there to assuage any fear or animosity between humans and Inhumans.

How will SHIELD’s reveal to the rest of the world change things? SHIELD was a public agency before its fall, but had much more power world wide behind. Now, admittedly a smaller organization with only a small amount of support from the US government, will SHIELD resume it’s superhero policing and support worldwide? How will Steve Rogers, wherever he and his underground Avengers are, react to this resurgence, or Tony Stark as he tries to rebuild his scattered group of Avengers? Hopefully, with SHIELD stepping back onto the world stage, this will also bring a stronger connection between Agents of SHIELD and the rest of the MCU.

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