Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Laws of Inferno Dynamics // Recap Review

The media is covering a potential threat in Los Angeles, SHIELD sends in the big guns, and doesn’t anyone remember Ultron?!

After Dr. Morrow’s escape from SHIELD, he prepares for the next step in evolution of his powers. SHIELD, drawing the attention from the media, surrounds his hideout and prepares to send in their toughest agents, Quake, Yo-Yo, and the Ghostrider. Setting a flammable trap for anyone entering the building, Robbie enters the flames, sending recon back to Fittz-Simmons, and captures Dr. Morrow’s latest creation, before becoming trapped.

Fittz alerts the team to the urgency of the situation as Dr. Morrow has built a small nuclear bomb. Mace comes up with a plan with the help of Aida, who he’s just learned is a Life Model Decoy, but Coulson is still hesitant to trust the new Director. Confronting each other, Mace and Coulson reveal the secrets they’ve been hiding and begin to build trust between each other, just in time to send in Aida and the inter dimensional gateway with the intention of sucking Dr. Morrow and his bomb into the other dimension.

Once the trap is set, Director Mace leads SHIELD to attack Dr. Morrow’s men, dispatching them easily with the help of Elena “Yo Yo,” as Robbie traps his his uncle inside the bomb’s cage, which falls into the gateway, trapping them both on the other side. With the disaster averted, the media has many questions for SHIELD, such as specifics of the operation, and if Daisy “Quake” Johnson was involved in the danger. Mace clears Daisy’s name and welcomes her back as an agent, and uses his charm on the media to put SHIELD in their good graces. While the loss of Robbie weighs heavily on everyone’s mind, Coulson has a feeling it’s not the last they’ll see of the Ghostrider.

The events of “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics” are exciting, though a bit confusing. Dr. Morrow’s power is explained, but his ultimate goal, to evolve his powers, is still unclear. He created the bomb not as a threat, but to use on himself so he can transcend death? Dr. Morrow is clearly an intelligent man, so perhaps he knew something we didn’t, or, as Coulson put it, he was drunk off his own Power Aid. And will Robbie and the Ghostrider return from the other dimension?

As the first half of the season comes to a close, we’re given a glimpse as to what we might expect for the second half. Eli Morrow has been defeated, but the elements surrounding his villainy remain. What other secrets does the Darkhold have in store for SHIELD? Will Aida and Radcliffe’s LMD program work in favor of SHIELD, or do they have secrets of their own?

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