Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Slingshot // Recap Review

With Daisy rejoining SHIELD, Elena makes sure they get their story straight.

After the Ghostrider disappeared into another dimension with Dr. Morrow, Daisy traded in her fugitive status for that of a SHIELD agent once again. But all is not forgiven as Elena and Daisy prepare to answer questions about their contact while Daisy was on the run as Quake.

Soon after Daisy’s departure from SHIELD, Elena checks into SHIELD HQ for her official signing of the Sokovia Accords. She has reservations about signing away her Inhumanity to SHIELD, but Coulson and Mace assure her it will allow her to do some good. Elena is ready for her next mission to track down a dangerous arms dealer, the man who killed her cousin. SHIELD, on the other hand, needs her to go through the proper channels; filling out a report, reviewing the report, reviewing the review of the report, etc. Not one to sit idle, Elena uses her speed, and a little cover from May, to get the information she needs to track down her fugitive.

Arriving in Baltimore, Elena tracks the arms dealer to a meeting with Watchdog agents where he plans to sell a dangerous energy weapon to use against Inhumans. Getting captured, they prepare to use Elena as a demonstration of the weapons power, until Daisy arrives on the scene. Together, they manage to take care of the Watchdogs and the arms dealer, Elena getting her revenge for her cousin.

To cover their tracks, Elena and Daisy sneak into Mace’s office to erase any data that would show Elena acted against orders to track down the arms dealer. Daisy is barely back at SHIELD and already they are breaking rules to stay in SHIELD’s good graces.

A short story, “Slingshot” gives a glimpse of life for an enhanced person after the implementation of the Sokovia Accords. It demonstrates the thin line one tiptoes before becoming a vigilante. But Elena’s experience shows both sides of that line. Quake is used as the example of what happens when turning to vigilantism, while Mace and Coulson, try to work within this system. But both sides see the system is frustrating, and it will take hard work to stay on the right side of the line. But which is truly right, the Sokovia Accords, or vigilantism?

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