Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Meet the New Boss // Recap Review

Daisy gets to know the real Robbie Reyes, the new Director plans to bring SHIELD back into the public eye, and May ain’t afraid of no ghost.

After a report comes in of family seeing a ghost, Fittz-Simmons discover a rare element in the crate taken from the Watchdogs that connects to the haunting. Mack and Fittz head to investigate the case in Pasadena, while Simmons prepares to give a group of congressman a tour of SHIELD HQ.

With the many changes the new Director of SHIELD, Jeffrey Mace, has brought to the organization, a big one he is ready to enact is to bring SHIELD back into the public eye. Obviously, like before much of SHIELD will remain classified, as most government agencies are, but SHIELD’s time in the shadows and hiding behind the ATCU look to be coming to an end. To assist with this tour, Mace goes to the one person who knows more about SHIELD history than anyone; Agent Phil Coulson. While he’d rather be back out in the field, Mace convinces him for his help, understanding it’s a difficult situation, adjusting to everyone’s new roles, but he considers Coulson his closest advisor. He agrees, and the tour begins. But while SHIELD needs to look as functional as possible, May begins to feel the affects of her brief contact with whatever that spirit was that was released from the Watchdogs crate. Becoming paranoid that everyone around her is infected with some kind of virus, May begins to take down agents one by one, until Director Mace steps in and incapacitates her with his Inhuman strength.

Recovering from her fight against the Ghost Rider, Daisy confronts Robbie in the open at his work, a mechanic shop, and her van just happens to need some maintenance. While he works on the van, Robbie avoids her questions, until they get a little too personal about his brother, Gabe. With her arms fractured from the use of her powers, Robbie takes Daisy down quickly and begins to ask questions of his own. Daisy admits she’s been tracking the Watchdogs, the same group he attacked, and she’s trying to figure out how Robbie, and the weapon they were stealing, all fit together. Recognizing the closed down lab the weapon was stolen from, Robbie leaves quickly, with Daisy escaping and following closely.

Mack and Fittz arrive at Momentum Alternative Energy Labs, looking for any sign of the same crate from the Watchdogs, or any kind of ghost. While they search, a group of spectres, former employees on the lab and trapped for years, are released one by one from strange crates and formulate a plan to find the person responsible for their current state, and to kill him. Mack and Fittz walk in as one of the ghosts sets the building to explode. Avoiding his touch so as not to be affected likes the Watchdogs, the fight seems fruitless, until the Ghost Rider arrives, with Daisy right behind him, and burns the soul, then taking a picture of the scientists and leaving. Daisy takes advantage of this brief reunion to tell Mack and Fittz about the Ghost Rider and her hunt for the Watchdogs. Whatever her reasons, Daisy feels she must do this fight alone, while Mack and Fittz, feel abandoned by her, even more so when Mack discovers Yo-Yo has been in contact with her all along. Not wishing to complicate things further, Daisy leaves to continue her work, and Mack and Fittz head back to base.

Who is this new Director of SHIELD Jeffrey Mace? Having first met him, we know little about his history, aside from the fact that he is Inhuman, and overly nice and positive. Irritatingly so. Obviously, his Inhumanity raises a lot of eye brows, a question that is quickly answered when it is revealed; once the U. S. government stepped in, Coulson believed it best that if SHIELD is to come back into the spotlight, it should be lead by an enhanced person that the people could trust. Since Capt. Steve Rogers is currently M. I. A., Jeffrey Mace was chosen. His style of leadership is definitely strange, both to old SHIELD agents and viewers, trying to make everyone feel inclusive while also keeping as much as possible classified.

Can he be trusted? This is our very first glance at this character, and I think Jeffrey Mace has been constructed in a particular way. He’s annoying, but confident. That’s his personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw out a “Hi diddly ho, neighbor” at some point. But there is a full season ahead that will hopefully develop this character, which already seems like a strong, if interesting, addition to the show.

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