Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Lockup // Recap Review

SHIELD becomes involved in a jailbreak, Daisy keeps her distance, and Mace debates the Inhuman war on Humanity.

After waking her husband and lead scientist on her team from a coma, then killing him, the ghostly Dr. Bauer finally finds the book that lead them through their experiment; the Darkhold. But, in her phantom state, she cannot read the book’s mystical text, which brings her to the only surviving member of her team, Robbie’s uncle, Eli. SHIELD comes to the same conclusion, reaching out to Eli and offering witness protection in exchange for anything else he may know. But Dr. Bauer arrives at the prison first, forcing Coulson, May, Daisy, Robbie, and Mack to take on the insane warden and guards.

As Coulson leads his team through the rioting prison, Simmons must figure out how to pass her lie latest lie-detector test, without telling Director Mace about Fittz and Radcliffe’s life model decoy, Ada, or about the clandestine mission Daisy and Coulson are currently involved in. Fortunately, she is given a reprieve from the test, when Mace needs help debating the subject of Inhumans and Humans with Sen. Nadir, an advocate for Human First groups, and the secret backer behind the Watchdogs. With Simmons whispering facts into his ear, Mace manages to hold his own against the senator, until she brings the discussion closer to home for Mace. He remarks on his heroics in the past that put him in the public eye, and acknowledges his Inhumanity on live television, which surprisingly gives him and SHIELD a ratings bump.

Back at the prison, while Daisy goes up against suicidal odds of escaped prisoners, Coulson and May doing their best to assist her, Mack and Robbie reach Eli before Bauer. Robbie and Eli make their escape, while Mack runs to give Daisy more backup. Robbie and his uncle are nearly home free, when the Ghost Rider compels Robbie to murder one of the gang members that crippled his brother. Without Robbie as an escort, Eli is taken by Bauer, where she forces him to read the Darkhold and finish their work.

The action in “Lockup” is fast paced, and it’s great to see Daisy back in her SHIELD uniform, kicking ass like the skilled agent she is. It also gives a further glimpse into what has been going on in Daisy’s mind, mourning the loss of Lincoln, blaming herself, not wanting to get anymore of her friends hurt. Because of this, she keeps her distance, going it alone as the vigilante, Quake. Robbie’s internal struggle with the Ghost Rider is also put on display, showing that he can only hold it back so much, before he has to take action and add another skull to LA’s flaming mural of his victims.

The subplot between Mace and Nadir, and their discussion of the world after Inhumans and the Sokovia Accords is what fascinates me, though. It’s an issue we’ve seen multiple times in this show, and the Netflix shows, of humans being frightened, even angered, at enhanced people. This debate shows the world’s positive reaction to the revelation that the Director of SHIELD is in fact Inhuman. Perhaps the world is coming around to the idea of enhanced individuals like Director Mace or Luke Cage protecting them. But, personally for Mace and Nadir, what are they hiding. We’ve seen every suspicion of Mace countered by an altruistic, and often corny, assurance of good intentions, but more about his human past, not his Inhuman present, is being dug up.

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