Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire // Recap Review

Coulson’s Lola  races the Robbie’s Charger, and the Ghost Rider battles Hellfire.

Trying to get any information on the “ghosts” haunting Momentum Labs, Coulson and Mack track down the only surviving team member who survived the explosion, “killing” the other scientists; Eli Reyes, mechanical engineer and Robbie’s imprisoned uncle for committing manslaughter and putting his boss into a coma. But Eli has accepted his fate and simply wants to be left alone to atone for his crimes, stonewalling Coulson. As they leave the prison, Mack identifies Robbie as he arrives at the prison to see his uncle and ask the same question. They quickly chase after him, Coulson’s Lola and Robbie’s Charger tearing through the streets of Los Angeles, before taking him down.With Robbie in custody, Coulson gets to know the fabled Ghost Rider, taking a chance that they might be on the same side, despite their differing methods, and Robbie reluctantly agrees to help them speak with Eli.

While Fittz works with Radcliffe, Simmons has been apartment hunting for the two of them ready to take their relationship to the next level, and she thinks she’s found the perfect apartment, until she discovers it was bait set by Daisy so she could get some help. The Watchdogs have been tracking registered Inhumans on SHIELD’s list, finding their locations and murdering them, and Daisy needs Simmons help to find out how. After Simmons uses her high level access to allow Daisy into the system, they discover that they’ve been finding them from their wrist communicators, given to Inhumans to track their movements and contact SHIELD in an emergency, and it seems the next Inhuman they have targeted was James aka “Hellfire.” Daisy and Simmons find him at his new place of employment, a fireworks store, and remove his watch to get the Watchdogs off his trail, sending a signal to SHIELD that something is wrong.

Being the closest, Mack and Coulson make a detour from acting on Eli’s information to meet with James, bringing Robbie along for the ride. James, the helpful person he is, meets with Daisy and Simmons in a warehouse to offer her some help in fighting the Watchdogs. But he help turns out to be a trap. James wasn’t being hunted by the Watchdogs; he’s been helping them. After his experience with Hive, and now the Sokovia Accord and SHIELD keeping him trapped in a mediocre existence, James’ hatred for Inhumans brought him to helping the Watchdogs track the others on SHIELD’s list, eradicating the plague that he sees as Inhumanity. Coulson and Mack arrive just in time to help Daisy and Simmons escape, while Robbie fights fire with fire against James, or rather, the Ghost Rider battles Hellfire. But, trying to work on a team, Robbie defeats James and brings him to SHIELD alive, ready to get back to the mystery of Momentum Labs.

While Agents of SHIELD focuses on the behind the scenes clandestine actions of the agency, “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” brings in the super heroes and villains that have been created within the show. It’s another reminder that the MCU is a lot bigger than we sometimes think, while Captain America and Daredevil take some spotlight, there are other powered individuals fighting their own battles all over the world. This episode also gives a peek into life after the Sokovian Accords. SHIELD acts within the new laws, monitoring powered people and Inhumans, restricting them from using their gifts unless they are in service to the government. Some, like Elena, manages her life as well as she can, helping her friends, but living her life day to day. Others, like James, lash out as they are muzzled, creating problems that need to be dealt with, giving more reason for the Sokovian Accords.

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