Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA You’re a Winner // Recap Review

Luke asks for Jessica’s help with a missing person case, Malcolm joins the Kilgrave Survivors Group, and Kilgrave is interested in some real estate.

More than a week has passed since Jessica’s failed attempt at capturing Kilgrave, and things have been quiet. In order to save Malcolm from Kilgrave and keep him satisfied while she finds another way to catch him, she’s made a deal to send him pictures of herself everyday at 10 A.M., an arrangement she is having more and more trouble in keeping. But, between cheating at high stakes poker and buying houses in suburbia, Kilgrave has other matters to attend to as he collects pictures of his favorite victim.

As Jessica and Malcolm hit a dead end in how to stop Kilgrave, an unexpected visit from Luke gives Jessica a new set of problems. Luke is looking for the missing brother, Antoine,  of an acquaintance, Serena, someone who can give him information proving that his wife Riva’s death was more than an accident. Jessica is hesitant to take the case, part because she is worried about letting Luke get in too close, part because she worries about his reaction to the truth of her involvement in her wife’s death. But, in an attempt to keep her secret, she agrees to help, and after helping Hope miscarry her pregnancy from her rape by Kilgrave, she begins the investigation with Luke at her side.

As Luke and Jessica investigate the missing person, they reconnect and begin to drift back to the relationship they had before. With a little help from Malcolm, now in his right mind and doing whatever he can to not only help Jessica stop Kilgrave, but protect her as she did him, Luke learns about Jessica’s history with Kilgrave, causing him to feel closer and understand Jessica enough to come back together. Their romantic entanglements are brief, however, as a new lead in Antoine’s whereabouts bring them to a pot farm in the city. With Antoine returned, Serena hands over her information, proving the bus driver, Charles Wallace, was drunk the night he hit Riva.

A new found rage grips Luke and he confronts Charles, his drunk driving covered up and still driving the same route. Luke is ready to kill the man he believes murdered his wife, until Jessica reveals her secret; she killed Riva under Kilgrave’s orders. The night Riva died, Kilgrave brought them both to a building site where she had buried something for Luke, a strong box containing a flash drive. Once Kilgrave had the flashdrive, he ordered Jessica to take care of Riva, who did as she was told and killed her with one punch. Luke is appalled at the revelation that his new lover is the same person who murdered his wife, mind controlled or not, and his reaction confirms much of Jessica’s insecurities; she really is a piece of shit.

Much of Jessica’s attitude and personality stem from the insecurities and guilt she’s retained from her life, especially the year she spent with Kilgrave and the things her forced her to do. Most people deal with similar issues of self-deprecation, putting ourselves down for our actions, and Jessica’s are no different, aside from the inclusion of super powers. Jessica walls herself up because of this, keeping everyone at a distance, including her sister and best friend, Trish. But since going after Kilgrave, she’s slowly let her walls be chipped away enough to make actual friends. Malcolm. Luke. Simpson, sort of. However, with her insecurities affirmed, just as anyone, it is the beginning of a downward self-destructive spiral that, to her and others who go through this, feel it’s deserved. Adding Jessica’s super powers and delicate matters, this spiral could go way out of control from the usual bender of drugs and alcohol.

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