Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA Top Shelf Perverts // Recap Review

Kilgrave has a present for Jessica, Trish has a lead on Kilgrave, and Jessica hates goodbyes.

The shame Jessica feels from confessing to the murder of Luke’s wife, Riva, has sent her down a spiral, landing her in a trash heap outside of a bar in Hell’s Kitchen, and her drinking won’t stop there. But first, Jessica makes a stop to see Wendy, Hogarth’s soon-to-be ex-wife and scare into signing the divorce papers. One would think that a more sober Jessica would handle the situation with more control, but instead in scaring Wendy, she accidently drops her onto the subway tracks, throwing her clear of a train just in time. Ashamed, Jessica heads home to discover her adoring neighbor, Ruben, dead in her bedroom, courtesy of Kilgrave. With Ruben’s death on top of Luke’s disgust of her, Jessica comes up with a plan to expose Kilgrave’s powers by being his bait in New York’s super max prison. Jessica will get locked up, and Kilgrave will have to use his powers to get her out, revealing himself on security cameras, and proving Hope’s innocence, a plan that Malcolm thinks is a terrible idea.

Jessica visits Hogarth to let her know Wendy will sign the divorce papers and to ask how to get herself locked up in prison. Turns out she needs to do something terrible, like “make a mosaic with the victim’s fingernails” terrible. Jessica is confident she can come up with something that bad and asks Hogarth to meet her at Hell’s Kitchen’s 15th Police Precinct at eight o’ clock, giving her enough time to say her goodbyes. After leaving a message for Luke at his bar, Jessica pays Trish’s former child star agent, and abusive mother, a visit, reminding her of a deal made long ago, that she is to stay away from Trish or Jessica will find her and hurt her.

Called by Malcolm and informed of her plan, Trish meets Jessica at her apartment to help Malcolm talk her out of it. They believe there are too many ways for this plan to go wrong and they won’t let her rot in prison because of the guilt she feels for Kilgrave’s crimes.They are determined to save Jessica from herself, going so far as to taking care of Ruben’s body (while trying to avoid Robyn, Ruben’s overbearing twin sister). Jessica gets the location of Ruben’s body, rips off his head, and drops it on the desk of Det. Clemons, the lead detective on the Schlottman murders. But Clemens isn’t convinced, questions Jessica and the authentication of her confession, giving enough time for Kilgrave to put the entire station under his control. He confesses his love for Jessica, and gets her released, letting her know of a present he left her in her apartment; her childhood diary, leading her back home.

“AKA Top Shelf Perverts” gives a tease into Jessica and Trish’s past with an abusive mother, but also showcases David Tennant’s performance as Kilgrave. Before now we’ve seen small scenes and encounters, but Kilgrave’s confession of love in the 15th Precinct cracks into the villain’s motivations and psyche. In his very twisted way, Kilgrave does love, or truly believes he loves, Jessica, and everything he’s done, every person he’s killed, has been for her, to isolate her because he is the only person worthy of her attention. He is so used to getting everything he wants just on a word that losing Jessica was the first thing he ever wanted that walked away from him. And when he doesn’t get what he wants, or is displeased in any way, he throws a tantrum that often ends in the death of an innocent. He is powerful, and fragile, on the verge of mania with every step. Even Jessica tries to calm his outbursts by offering herself for the lives of everyone around her, but that isn’t enough for Kilgrave. He needs things to go as he planned, as he has always gotten things that way.

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