Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA The Sandwich Saved Me // Recap Review

There’s before Kilgrave and after Kilgrave, Jessica and Trish make a new friend, and Malcolm can’t be saved again.

The revelation of Malcolm being Jessica’s stalker for Kilgrave has shaken her, realizing Malcolm’s addict behavior and living next door to her is a great cover to keep Kilgrave close to his prey. But Jessica also uses this to her advantage, following Malcolm to his clandestine meetings with Kilgrave to trade pictures for drugs. Once their pattern is established, Jessica makes a plan to capture him with the help of Trish and her new romance, Officer Will Simpson, ex-special forces, ex-attempted murderer of Trish on commands from Kilgrave, and current N.Y.P.D. Jessica is less than thrilled to be working with him, even less so that he’s now dating her best friend and sister, but given his experience and previous help in getting security camera footage, Jessica accepts his help.

Simpson gathers what they need in order to capture Kilgrave alive in order to prove Hope’s innocence, including your standard creepy van, darts gun, and a decommissioned C.D.C. lab with a sealed room to hold Kilgrave and keep him quiet. But following Malcolm, then knocking out Kilgrave and dumping him in a van isn’t as easy as they thought, as a trained team of hired bodyguards quickly respond to their client’s danger, going to great lengths to taking down Simpson and Jessica and bringing Kilgrave to safety. With failure her mind, Jessica heads back home to find Malcolm being threatened by his drug dealer and steps in, but Malcolm is less than enthused to be saved by Jessica again.

Jessica and Malcolm both had lives before they were tainted by Kilgrave’s influence. While Jessica has always been the tough and pessimistic, she was much more open and social, especially with Trish. Though bouncing from job to job was unsatisfying for her and decides to try the superhero job out. Happy with Trish’s support, but not so much on her comical ideas for a superhero outfit and name, Jessica takes to the streets and finds a young social worker, Malcolm, the victim of a brutal mugging. After saving him, Jessica is confronted by an excited British man who is interested to meet another person with special powers.

Adding Simpson to the cast, while often having good, though misogynistic, intentions, adds a humorous dynamic to the Jessica and Trish’s team. Jessica and Trish compliment each other where they are weak, Trish being able to deal with people socially but not as physically strong as Jessica, with Jessica being the exact opposite, even showing a stark contrast between their hair and color palettes, Simpson and Jessica immediately clash, sizing each other up and snapping at each other.

“AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” deals with the issue of addiction, paralleling the destructive influence of Kilgrave and the will to do anything for the next hit. We see instances of Jessica’s life, while still a realist with an attitude, Jessica’s life was a little more carefree with her sister and best friend Trish, and has a desire to help people because of her gifts and a feeling that it’s the right thing to do. This life is foreign to the Jessica we see now, turning to alcohol and sex to distract and fill the empty feelings left behind from her abuse, but she still holds onto that desire to help, even if it’s often for a paycheck and involves taking pictures of torrid love affairs. Malcolm suffers similarly, having a strong desire to help others as a social worker, now finds himself in the situation of those he once sought to help.

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