Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA Take a Bloody Number // Recap Review

Kilgrave tries to enhance his powers, Jessica is forgiven, and Luke Cage joins the fight.

An ominous text from Kilgrave leads Jessica to Luke’s bar, just in time to see it blow up with Luke inside. Walking out of the wreckage on fire is no big deal for Luke, especially compared to the destruction of his bar, and everything he had left of Riva. He tells Jessica he’s been following her in hopes of finding Kilgrave and avenging the death of his wife, but quickly fell under his sway and was ordered to blow up his bar, making sure that Jessica was there to see it. Having an enemy in Kilgrave teams Jessica and Luke once again as they search for any clue to where he’s hiding.

Trish is being released from the hospital with a clean bill of health after her enhanced fight with Simpson, and wastes no time in digging into Simpson’s black-ops unit, known only by the initials IGH. However, those three letters are the only evidence of their existence; no website, phone number, records of past missions. They’re ghosts, except for a few files Trish’s mother, Dorothy, happens to have. Thinking them a charitable foundation making a tax write-off, Dorothy was informed after adopting Jessica that IGH has paid in full all of Jessica’s medical care after the car crash. Trish is eager to look through more of Dorothy’s files, but as with anything involving her mother, she wants something. Trish stands strong against her, showing her the door.

Kilgrave has had his father, Albert, and other scientists around the city working, literally, non-stop to find a way to enhance the virus that gives him his powers. Albert manages to strengthen them slightly each time he tweaks the virus, giving him further range, or more time for someone to be swayed, repeatedly testing this over a crowd at a nearby club. It’s here Jessica and Luke eventually catch up with him, and he puts his sway to the real test and tried to control Jessica one last time. It’s a no go. But Kilgrave always plans ahead, and reveals that Luke has been under his sway since he came back to town, and every moment spent with Jessica was planned out, and now he’s going to make Luke kill her.

“AKA Take a Bloody Number” builds on the strength and fun of Jessica’s misadventures as a private detective, following leads with her partner, Luke. While Jessica investigating on her own is entertaining, adding Luke once again to the team brings out their chemistry together, and adds Jessica’s own awkwardness when dealing with someone who becomes ever more close to her. Her cases continue to perpetuate this film noir style action series, but instead of Jessica walking through the door with a cigarette in her lips looking for help from the dashing detective, it’s Luke playing the damsel in distress.

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