Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA Sin Bin // Recap Review

Simpson gets a visit from his doctor, Malcolm has his own superpower, and now Jessica is in charge.

After Kilgrave had a bomb delivered to Simpson and his black-ops unit, leaving his men dead and him critically injured, Triss rushes Simpson to the hospital, but he’ll only see a mysterious Dr. Koslov. Once the doctor arrives, Simpson sends Trish to find Jessica and Kilgrave so she can do what Jessica refuses to do; kill Kilgrave. Once alone and able to take a specialized medication, Simpson miraculously recovers.

Trish finds Jessica and Kilgrave in the hermetically sealed room prepared by Simpson, as well as Hogarth who isn’t on board with the idea of being involved in kidnapping. Jessica has been trying to get Kilgrave to crack, to catch him using his powers on video, gaining the evidence needed to prove Hope’s innocence. But Kilgrave isn’t cooperating, and Hogarth feels any testimony or evidence would be under duress. Jessica needs to send Kilgrave over the edge, with a credible witness, and catch it on tape, and she knows just how to do it.

Jessica begins searching for Kilgrave’s long lost parents, Mr. Albert and Mrs. Louise Thompson, the ones who experimented on him as a child, giving him his powers. She finds them easier than expected, when she discovers that his mother has been silently observing the Kilgrave Survivors Group, a way to atone for her to atone for the actions of her son. Following her back to their hotel room, she confronts them, discovering that the experiments were meant to cure their son, Kevin, of a condition that would have killed him before he was twelve. The side effects of this gave him his powers, and they did what they could to live with the young confused Kevin, giving into his every request whether they wished to or not, until finally they escaped, leaving Kevin alone to slowly turn into Kilgrave.

Jessica brings the Thompsons back to the sealed room, along with Hogarth and Det. Clemons as credible witnesses. Kilgrave is overcome at the reunion of his parents, quick to anger at their abandonment. Louise consoles him, apologizing for their many mistakes and promising never to leave him again. Whatever chance for Kilgrave to angrily force his parents to hurt themselves and film it as evidence seems to be fading as the family comes together, until Louise takes a pair of scissors from her pocket and stabs her son. He’s their responsibility. Louise has to stop him. Betrayed and cold, Kilgrave forces his mother to stab herself as his father watches, Jessica scrambling to save them. In the chaos, Kilgrave manages to escape, only briefly detained by Jessica, who discovers the opportunity she needs to finally stop him.

After nearly a year of Kilgrave affecting Jessica’s everyday life, both through flashes of her abuse and his actual intervention and manipulation of the people around her, “AKA Sin Bin” finally gives Jessica a sense of control, but it’s not what she was hoping for. Being able to abuse Kilgrave, forcing him to relive recordings of the experiments he went through, not allowing him to speak or communicate at all, is satisfying to Jessica as she works to prove Hope’s innocence and Kilgrave’s existence. But the depraved, mentally and emotionally immature being that Kilgrave is, finds way to turn the tables around once again, giving Jessica petty annoyances, showing her that he’s not playing her game but one of his own making.

As for having power, while Jessica and Kilgrave grapple with each other, Malcolm has stepped up in big ways since his impromptu rehabilitation. He is not only becoming involved in the Kilgrave Survivors Group but leading it, doing what he does best as a former social worker. Helping those people, that’s his super power. Jessica Jones has had this theme of showing the little people and, not only superhero drama, but how they get by with regular problems as well. In doing simple things like leading a support group, being there for friends, small characters within this super powered universe have their own powers, sometimes that power being just getting through the day.

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