Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA I’ve Got the Blues // Recap Review

Patsy and Jessie keep each other’s secrets, Trish learns what it’s like to be Jessica, and at best, people are assholes.

Hope’s death may have given Jessica permission to kill Kilgrave, but after getting the survivors group to lie about Hope’s death, she has nothing in the way of a lead on how to find him or his captive father, Albert. With Trish’s help, Jessica begins checking every morgue in the city, looking for John Doe’s that fit Albert’s description, but comes up empty handed. She continues searching, running on no sleep for almost two days. Apparently the only thing able to get Jessica to take a small break is being bit by a truck, then cared for by Trish.

During her search, Jessica reflects on the time after the loss of her parents from the car crash. Now orphaned, the young Jessica was taken in by child star and fellow classmate, Patsy Walker, and her abusive mother. Living with them put stress on Jessica, leading her to discover her new increased strength. Patsy discovers Jessica’s secret and they begrudgingly agree to keep each other’s secrets; Patsy won’t tell about Jessica’s powers, and Jessica won’t tell the world that Patsy is physically and emotionally abused by her mother. For a short time, anyway, until Jessica has enough and stands between Trish and her mother, forging a new bond between the foster sisters.

Leaving Trish’s to check out another lead, that ends up being a dead Det. Clemens, Simpson pays Trish another visit, one in a series of appearances to confess his apologies and, in passing, if she knows where Jessica is. But Simpson is far from his right mind as he tweaks on the combat enhancer from Dr. Kozlov. After kidnapping Trish, Simpson visits Jessica to finally get her out of the way of him killing Kilgrave. Normally, Jessica would have no problem against Simpson, but between his enhanced strength and her car injury, it takes help from Trish to turn the tide of the fight. With no other option, Trish takes on of Simpson’s enhancers and manages to stand up to Simpson and take him down. But Trish’s victory is short lived as her body begins to shut down because of the drugs. Jessica is quick to call an ambulance and manage to bring her back to consciousness. Fortunately, with Trish in the hospital and Jessica watching over her, it gives them both a moment to rest and catch their breath.

While there have been plenty of action sequences between Jessica and Luke and various drunks, thugs, and and Kilgrave victims, “I’ve Got the Blues” is the first superhero showdown for the show. While not as spectacular as a fight with the Avengers, or as choreographed as Daredevil, the scrappy brawl between Jessica, Trish, and Simpson, fits the rest of the show. While Jessica is strong, she’s far from trained, using pure brute force and whatever she can use in her environment to take him down.

The scenes of Jessica’s “origin story” cement the bond we’ve seen so far between Trish and Jessica. We’ve known that they were both victims of abuse, Jessica from Kilgrave, Trish from her mother, but we haven’t seen much of what Trish’s abuse was. We see that, while rough in the beginning, Jessica and Trish are a true support structure for each other. While Jessica is the protector, Trish is the healer, both reigning each other in when needed and calling each other on their bullshit. SHIELD may have been the support to the Avengers, but Jessica Jones has Trish.

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