Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA It’s Called Whiskey // Recap Review

Jessica and Luke share some super-power bonding time, Hope is pulled into the arena of public opinion, and Trish fights back against Kilgrave.

Jessica is surprised to discover Luke Cage’s unbreakable skin, and they quickly go to work, um, “testing” each others powers. After a rigorous workout, they discuss this new community of super powered people that are starting to crop up; Jessica and Luke, the big green dude and his crew, and Kilgrave, whom Jessica is searching for the medical anesthetic that will knock out his powers.

While Jessica searches for Kilgrave’s weakness, public opinion begins to turn negative for Hope’s case, many calling her crazy and not believing her claims of “the Devil made me do it.” Jessica pleads with Hogarth, as Hope’s attorney, to speak up for her. But Hogarth has no intention of claiming to believe in mind control and discredit her as a lawyer, but instead suggests Jessica come out with her own experience with Kilgrave. Jessica tries another tactic, going to Trish and asking her to speak up for Hope on her radio show, “Trish Talk.”

With a little teamwork from Trish and Hogarth, an on-the-air interview is set up from Hope’s prison, giving her the chance to defend herself and her claims. All seems to be going well until Hogarth denies belief in Hope’s mind-control excuse and puts Trish in the position to not only admit she believes Hope’s story, but to also share her feelings on Kilgrave and his manhood. Kilgrave responds in kind with an attempt on Trish’s life at the mind-controlled hands of one of New York City’s finest. Trish puts up a good fight, but is overpowered, until Jessica arrives and manages to send the policeman away, and follows him to a face to face confrontation with Kilgrave.

As the number of powered people rises, “A.K.A. It’s Called Whiskey” toys with the idea of what real people like Jessica and Luke, would do if given super powers. Jessica uses her talents to solve crimes and take pictures of affairs as a private investigator, Luke runs and maintains his bar, easily throwing out any trouble makers. And together, they have the rough, passionate sex they’ve always wanted to have but couldn’t due to fear of overpowering their partner a little too much.

Kilgrave, on the other hand, has no qualms over overpowering or abusing his victims, using his gifts to get literally whatever he wants; a luxury apartment in downtown Manhattan, servants to bring his food and kill his enemies.

If given the opportunity for superpowers, be honest with yourself; how would you use them?

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