Marvel Jessica Jones | AKA Crush Syndrome // Recap Review

Jessica investigates Kilgrave’s return, Hogarth looks into Hope’s murder defense, and Luke has secrets of his own.

Jessica is under suspicion after the murder of Hope’s parents, by a mind-controlled Hope herself. She is dodgy of the police’s questions, even more so when the pictures she took of Luke are brought in as evidence. Luke has his own problems and doesn’t need Jessica to add to them, even after she informs him she was hired by a woman’s husband who believed she was cheating on him, with Luke.

Free of personal connections with Luke and pushing Trish further away, Jessica focuses on proving Hope’s innocence on the mind-control defense. Hogarth sees it as a losing case, but if Jessica can prove the existence of a man who can control minds, she agrees to do her best to help Hope escape life in prison.

Jessica starts her investigation with his last known location. Returning to the scene of Kilgrave’s fatal bus crash a year ago, Jessica tracks his trail through a hospital, learning that his unidentified body was never brought in, but was lost with the disappearance of the ambulance that was transporting him. After finding the driver the victim of a stroke due to his “generous” donation of both his kidneys to Kilgrave, she finds the doctor who operated on him, and anonymously donated a dialysis machine to his stroke victim. After hearing the doctor’s story, and convincing him to tell it to Hogarth, Jessica finds what she’s really been looking for; Kilgrave’s weakness.

“AKA Crush Syndrome” explores the victims that Kilgrave leaves in his path. Hope and Jessica were abducted and abused by Kilgrave for his own sick pleasures, but others suffer under his mind control, and effects continue long after Kilgrave’s departed. The ambulance driver who is now paralyzed because Kilgrave told him to give up his kidneys. The expert surgeon controlled to do the operation, who now hides in fear and guilt.

While Kilgrave controls his victims to do his bidding, Jessica pushes everyone in her life away for fear of hurting them and being hurt. We do get a small glimpse into one of the few things Jessica takes pride in, and even smiles about; her work. In a conversation with Trish, she briefly remarks on the broken window of her door having the name of her investigations, Alias. She tries to hide it, but the smile she has for it, and the one she shows when seeing the name on her new office window is a small glimpse into the character of our heroine.

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