Marvel Daredevil | Stick // Recap Review

The War comes to New York City, Foggy joins Ben and Karen in their investigation, and people wonder “Who is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?”

After the explosive events which occurred in Hell’s Kitchen, the Man in the Mask is labeled as a terrorist, cop killer, and “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.” Foggy Nelson, with the rest of the city, have turned against the Devil, but this doesn’t stop Matt from putting on the mask and continuing his search. Taking Vladimir’s advice, he targets Owlsley, Fisk’s money man, but his questioning of the accountant is cut short when Matt’s blind mentor, Stick, makes an unexpected return.

When Matt was put into the orphanage after the death of his father, his gifts started to manifest to a greater degree. He could hear, smell, and feel things no one else could. Stick works to train Matt to fight and to hone his gifts, so he would be ready for the War. Now, the War has come to Hell’s Kitchen and Stick asks for Matt’s help in taking out a dangerous weapon called “Black Sky.” While this is a fight in Stick’s mysterious War, he explains that it also benefits Matt’s search for Fisk. Nobu, the Triad leader associated with Fisk, is the man bringing in the weapon, and on the opposing side to Stick. Hurting Nobu hurts Fisk.

Matt isn’t the only one in Hell’s Kitchen investigating Nobu and Fisk. Ben Urich and Karen Page continue to dig for information to connect the scandal of Union Allied to the other cases throughout the city, such as the bombings, the shooting of three cops, and the Devil. Sensing something strange is going on with Karen, Foggy follows her to a clandestine meeting with Ben, and then Mrs. Cardenas. Leaving the building, Karen is confronted by the thugs who vandalized Mrs. Cardenas’ apartment building, and is helped in the nick of time by Foggy. They escape the thugs, and Foggy is brought into Ben and Karen’s circle of information.

Much of the first half of this season showed the relationship between Matt and his father Jack, the fighter who wanted a better life for his son than he could give him. Now, starting the second half of the season, the relationship between Stick and Matt is the focal point. While both Jack Murdock and Stick are fighters, they couldn’t be more different. Jack fought because it was what he was good at, and as a means to take care of his son. Though fighting was what Jack knew, he wanted Matt far away from that kind of life. Stick, on the other hand, fights in the War. Not only is it his cause, it’s bordering on his obsession. Training Matt helps him with his enhanced abilities, but also trains a soldier for his War.

It’s not specific to how much time Stick spent training Matt, but he quickly became a new father figure to the young boy. Matt looked up to him, and while they’ve been apart for twenty years, and now hardly get along, he still seeks approval from his mentor.

This episode touches on the connections between Daredevil and the mystical elements of the MCU. Who is Stick? Where does he come from? What are his gifts? What is the War? Who is Stick fighting for? What is Black Sky? These questions may be answered in this season, the next, or they could branch off into the other shows and movies Marvel Studios is focusing on at the moment that deal with the mystical realm, like Iron Fist or Doctor Strange.

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