Marvel Daredevil | Speak of the Devil // Recap Review

Matt seeks advice from Father Lantom, Wilson’s approval ratings rise, and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen fights a ninja.

In the wake of Wilson Fisk’s entrance into the public eye, Matt returns to Father Lantom seeking advice on how to handle the “Devil.” While Matt speaks in metaphors, attempting to hide his true motives as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Father Lantom speaks plain, offering his advice based on his own experiences. The priest gives Matt a new perspective on his situation, and helps him understand his desire for justice or revenge.

Ben Urich visits the law offices of Nelson and Murdock to discuss with his new investigative partners what Wilson’s appearance means for their case. With the city now firmly behind Wilson and his ideals to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen, Urich’s plan to reveal him and drag his name through the mud is set aside. Both Urich and Matt agree that the best way to move forward is to simply keep digging, finding some scrap of evidence that could show Wilson Fisk for the corrupt man that he is. Matt decides to follow a lead in the case and seeks out Vanessa Mariana, the woman standing next to Fisk in his press release. He gets more than he bargains for, however, when meeting Vanessa brings him face to face with Wilson.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen discuss their individual leads in the office the next morning, along with celebrating their purchase of a real “Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys at Law” sign. Their celebration is cut short when they discover the death of Mrs. Cardenas. Mrs. Cardenas was found stabbed to death in her building. Witnesses claim to have seen a junkie running from the scene with her purse. Matt suspects Fisk to be behind her murder in order to persuade the apartment’s residents to move for fear of a criminal element so he could tear the building down. He takes to the streets, hunting down any lead he can until he finds himself in a trap, face to face with Nobu, the leader of the Yakuza, and a skilled warrior.

This episode plays with flashbacks differently from the others. While past episodes have juxtaposed flashbacks to tell another story from a character’s past, this cuts the end of the episode, Matt’s fight with Nobu, into parts and spreads them throughout. The flashbacks are specifically juxtaposed to moments that Matt finds himself angry, for example after discovering the murder of Mrs. Cardenas. This juxtaposition, as well as camera work and lighting, exemplifying reds for anger and rage, and also blood, lets this episode standout..

As the episode begins with the ending fight, it is greatly contrasted when put next to the scenes of Matt speaking with Father Lantom. Their dialogue, especially Lantom’s monologues of his past experiences and his advice, steals the show.

It is also worth mentioning and applauding the stunt coordinators for choreographing an intense and amazing fight, which literally set one of the actors on fire, and then kept fighting.

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