Marvel Daredevil | Nelson v. Murdock // Recap Review

Foggy asks Matt the tough questions, Wilson’s associates wonder where his attention is focused, and Ben and Karen discover a clue to Fisk’s past.

After Foggy discovers Matt’s identity as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, he’s none too pleased. He dances across the line of being hurt that his best friend kept so many secrets about himself from him, and questioning his true motives as the masked vigilante, and his involvement with the explosions and cop killings. Matt and Foggy spend the episode together, asking and answering questions about Matt’s abilities and his past with Stick, as well having flashbacks putting their entire friendship into perspective.

Wilson deals with the aftermath of Nobu’s death. Owlsley and Madame Gao question where his attention is focused, showing concern for his developing relationship with Vanessa. Both worry that with his distractions, he is letting things fall apart, and that what happened with the Russians and Nobu will eventually happen to them. Gao discusses Wilson’s duality, telling him that he cannot be both savior of the city as he tries to rebuild it in a better image, and also it’s oppressor, as he schemes and removes those in his way by force. He must decide on the man he wishes to be, or else it will be decided for him.

Ben is given unfortunate news that his wife is being pushed out of the hospital before her condition has improved and will be put into hospice care. With the problems of his personal life piling up, Ben decides it is time to step away from the investigation and leave it to Karen. Before she accepts his decision, she asks him to join her to see a retirement home in Upstate New York, whom one of the residents is the mother of Wilson Fisk.

The relationship between Foggy and Matt has been strong and genuine from the start. The chemistry between them is natural and it’s easy to see how the two of them have managed as partners. Nelson v. Murdock shows their friendship in a clearer light, juxtaposing the highs of the friendship, beginning in college, to the lows of it at the revelation of Matt’s identity. The chemistry and performance of Charlie Cox and Elden Henson is put center stage for good reason, as emotions run high for both at the possible ending of their partnership and friendship.

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