Marvel Daredevil | In the Blood // Recap Review

The Russians continue their search for “the Devil,” Karen and Ben Urich plan to investigate Union Allied, and Wilson Fisk’s date is rudely interrupted.

Wesley (formerly referred to as “Tick Tock”) and his employer, Wilson Fisk, put pressure on the Russian brothers, Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, to deal with the masked man who is tearing apart their crime ring. Going to great lengths to get any information on the vigilante, they set their sights on Claire Temple. 

Karen Page continues her investigation into Union Allied, hoping for the help of veteran journalist, Ben Urich. Urich has other plans, knowing the city too well to let Karen put herself in danger. Urich needs credible sources to move forward, and, unbeknownst to the audience, Karen’s history raises some red flags, and not just her history with Union Allied. What other secrets is Karen Page hiding?

Finally, after remaining in the shadows for so long, the audience gets a good look at the man known as Wilson Fisk. Wesley has, on several occasions, mentioned to his employer’s associates that he is preoccupied with other things, one of those things being art. Wilson returns to the gallery where he bought the title painting from “Rabbit in a Snow Storm” with plans to ask out the curator, Vanessa Marianna. 

The Brothers Ranskahov take the center stage in this episode. Given a quick glimpse into their imprisoned past in Russia, their desperation to remain in control of their operation is heightened for the audience. Anatoly and Vladimir share power and balance each other. Vladimir is quick to rise to anger and let his pride get the best of him, refusing to “bow down” to Fisk, even if it means the salvation of his crime ring. Anatoly is more reserved, careful, and thinking. He’s willing to play along with these other men who preside over him and his brother if it means they keep their organization and their power. 

Continuing the theme of characters and their foils, we see this in Karen Page, the new, gung-ho investigator into Union Allied, and the weathered investigative journalist, Ben Urich. Karen makes brash decisions in an attempt to uncover Union Allied’s secrets, while Ben Urich speaks from experience of caution and being smarter than your target.

The character of Wilson Fisk is given some spotlight on his date with Vanessa Marianna. Fisk is a large man, both physically and figuratively. He dances on the line between intimidating and soft, and carries with him a presence that he reserves and keeps in check. He acts as an awkward teenager asking out girl for the first time. He shows this in his movements, stepping back when he’s unsure, or his nervous habit of touching his cuff links. But, like many nervous young men, he shows his character and charm once he’s comfortable around someone. His character both clashes and compliments the character of Vanessa, who is a very sharp person in wit and physical features. Throughout their scenes together Vanessa often playfully teases Wilson, who must take a moment to realize the playfulness of her nature. Her face and lean body stand out next to Wilson’s large one. 

Finally seeing this Wilson Fisk, it raises questions whether this is the man who tried to have Karen Page framed for murder, the man who ordered numerous killings, and who deals with criminals like Vladimir and Anatoly. These doubts are set aside, though, when Wilson’s night is interrupted by his business, which leads to him brutally beating a man to death and crushing his skull. 

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