Marvel Daredevil | Condemned // Recap Review

Matt is surrounded by NYPD, Hell’s Kitchen is in chaos after an explosive attack, and our hero and villain talk for the first time.

Matt has finally found Vladimir, the man who can give him answers. However, with Fisk’s explosive attack on the Russians warehouses, Hell’s Kitchen is in chaos, with Fisk’s paid-off cops hitting the streets to silence Vladimir for good.

Foggy and Karen bring Mrs. Cardenas to the hospital, which is already full of injured citizens from the explosions. Luckily, returning to her job as a nurse in this critical situation, they find help from Claire.

The NYPD, lead by Det. Blake and Det. Hoffman, surround Matt and Vladimir in an abandoned warehouse. Ben Urich is on the scene trying to get answers to the night’s events. With the whole city watching, Fisk makes his move against Matt, condemning him as a criminal and turning the whole city against him.

Most shows today split their seasons into halves, ending their fall half season with a mid-season finale, then ending the spring half season with a season finale. As Daredevil premiered it’s entire season all at once, it didn’t follow this scheduling formula. Even so, this episode has all the makings of a solid mid-season finale.

Condemned does a strong job in building the first half of the season to this climax, throwing Hell’s Kitchen into chaos, as well as the citizens and characters we’ve gotten to know within it. Most of the characters, once separated by certain situations, cross each other’s paths. At the hospital, Claire is the one to help Foggy and Karen, as well as interacting with the hospital administrator who helped Ben. Ben finds himself on the scene with Detectives Blake and Hoffman, who’ve been dealing with Fisk and the Russians.

The moment to shine in the episode is the conversation between Matt and Fisk. Without meeting face to face, Fisk finally confronts the Man in the Mask who’s been asking about him. They parry back and forth in conversation, trying to break the other’s defenses. It’s verbal fight scene, in contrast to the numerous choreographed fight scenes throughout the show.

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