Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Ye Who Enter Here // Recap Review

Coulson leads one team to search for the ancient alien city, May leads another on an extraction mission, and Raina and the Agents Koenig are back on the scene.

As this episode is the last before the big season finale, it puts many things into motion. May, Skye, Hunter, and the Agents Koenig go on an extraction mission to pick-up Raina before Hydra gets her. The entire affair shows Skye’s amazing growth as a character and SHIELD agent. No longer is she the scared hacker running into Ward’s arms while dripping wet in a tight dress. She’s an agent in her own right, leading the mission and kicking Fray’s ass (Fray = Fried Fake May, as Agent 33 is stuck with May’s face, plus the burn on the side of her face).

This mission also gives Skye and Raina some one on one time to talk about Skye’s father, the Obelisk/Diviner, and the dangers of the temple they’re all searching. Skye tries to contact Coulson to warn him, but Hydra swoops in first, lead by Ward, and captures Raina and Skye.


Coulson leads the rest of the SHIELD agents on a search for the alien city in Puerto Rico, with plans to destroy it. This is a surprise to Bobbi, who is used to working under Fury, who would try and gather any information and tech he could, regardless of “acceptable losses”. We’re getting a good look at Director Coulson and the direction he is leading SHIELD. His main goal is to protect the people from the greater bad, and not use the greater bad to do it.

While working with Coulson, Fittz-Simmons are finally forced to talk about the drastic change of teir dynamic. They are both incredibly different people than they were last season, with Fittz dealing with the damage to his brain, and Simmons maturing as an agent. A conversation with Bobbi, Simmons tells how everything happened with them, how Fittz expressed his feelings, and how she is confused and has never, and still only sees Fittz as her best friend and partner. Later, when they do talk, Fittz dominates the discussion making the decision to step down as leading the science division so Simmons can take his place.

“I can work FOR you, but not with you…”

As the mission to explore and destroy the alien city begins, Mac repels down into the city and is immediately affected by some sort of defense mechanism, making him a slave to the city and lashes out at the rest of the team. Bobbi and Coulson fight him off, letting him fall back down the hole and into the city.

This episode did a fantastic job of showing us just how far the characters have developed since the beginning of the show. Skye has become a mini version of May, and Fittz-Simmons dynamic has completely changed. I want to applaud the show for this, and for letting the consequences of last season remain and impact the show and characters. Too many times I’ve seen shows end on drastic cliff hangers, putting the characters in extreme situations, only to completely throw out those situations and consequences through deus ex machina. The events and effects of last season are still a huge factor in this new season.

Also, to mention the relationship with Fittz-Simmons, I’m also glad to see it hasn’t turned into the common tv show romantic drama. I feel like in any other show the season would have begun with Fittz-Simmons as a happy couple and Simmons would be healing Fittz through love and kisses, only for Fittz to have secret feeling for Skye, which would all la to drama that over takes the rest of the show. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

Fittz expressed his feelings. While he’s gone through a trauma, they haven’t changed, but he’s not constantly bringing them up. He said what he had to say and that’s that. Simmons, while confused over the matter, has stayed firm to how she feels and not just gone along with a romance. Their FRIENDSHIP and PARTNERSHIP is what’s at stake at the moment, and not a romantic relationship, and we rarely see that in shows lately, I feel. This is just one of the reasons this show has become my favorite show on TV.

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