Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Who You Really Are // Recap Review

Lady Sif is back, but with no memory of why, the history of the Diviner is revealed, and Skye’s secret is brought to light.

KREE!!! KREE!!! KREE!!! Sorry, I’ve been wanting to see a live Kree in AoS since we saw the first one in the guest house.

Lady Sif returns to Midgar (Earth) in search of a Kree. After a long process in catching him, we get the explanation to the Diviners (plural), the Inhumans, and what the Kree have to do with anything. 

A long time ago, in our galaxy, a rogue faction of Kree visited Midgar and did sciency-wiency stuff to the early humans, changing their biology, making them into weapons for their on-going wars. They made the Inhumans, with the Diviners, and Terrigenisis, which was the crystals and mist that changed Skye and Raina. From what I know, that’s pretty much the same origin of the Inhumans in the comics.

The Kree in this episode, Bintak, tells the SHIELD team and Lady Sif this, upsetting Skye and causing her to start a quake (Eh? See what I did there?), which exposes her secret to the rest of the team. At this point, I say bravo to Coulson and the others as they quickly came to Skye’s defense against Sif and Bintak as they try to “contain” her and “put her down” for the good of humanity, calling her a weapon and an abomination. However, in the end, it was Skye who stopped herself, taking Maye’s icer and shooting herself, faling unconscious. 

Skye’s come a long way since season one. Not only has she become a skilled agent in her own right, she’s become a team player, instead of the lone hacker she used to be. As scared as she was of her new powers, what worried her more was hurting the people she cared about. 

With Bintak and Sif gone, the team reacts to the revelation of Skye’s Inhumanity, and aside from Fittz defending her, and Hunter kind of staying neutral on the whole thing, they didn’t react great, which is actually understandable. How would you feel if your best friend could suddenly cause an earthquake because they’re upset that you called them fat?

In the end, Hunter finally confronts Mac with his suspicions of what he and Bobbi are up to, and Mac knocks him out, showing what he’s willing to do to keep his secret.

Bintak is our third look at the Kree. The first was the dead one in the guest house, so there wasn’t much character there, aside from being blue. The second was Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy, who was considered a fanatical war monger and terrorist. He is probably a good example of the bad Kree, much like those who made the Inhumans. And now we have Bintak, which gives us a great comparison to Ronan’s bad guy-ness, while giving us a better sense of what the Kree are like. He is a noble warrior, a fighter, but not fanatical about it. He gave me the sense that war is a common theme with the Kree. That, and they really like hammers of all sizes.

“Answer his questions elderly man!” Best line of the episode.

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