Marvel Agents of SHIELD |What They Become // Recap Review

So, just to get this out of the way, I hate the mid season, season part 1/season part 2 format. Either make it one long season or just two short seasons in the fall and spring. Having to go with Season 2 Part 1/A/whatever, is just annoying, and I hate waiting for season 2 part 2/B. End rant.

The race to the alien temple is on!

The mid season finale started off with a bang, literally. Hydra launches missiles at the bus. May flies into cloud cover then fakes their destruction and escapes Hydra, proving why she is the driver.

The episode is then split into two perspectives. Coulson and the team, and Skye, who has been taken by Ward and Hydra. Coulson does the usual of leading the SHIELD agents into a rescue mission for Skye and destruction of the alien temple, while Skye goes through an emotional roller coaster in meeting her father, Cal. Cal reveals that Skye’s mother is the woman that Whitehall butchered nd took her organs to replace his own, giving him his eternal-ish life. Now that Skye is back together with him, he plans to make good on his promise to kill the man that ruined his life. “Best. Day. Ever.”

That plan is unfortunately set aside as Coulson is the one to shoot Whitehall, sending Cal into a rage and beating Coulson into a pulp until Skye stops him. With his final words, Cal reveals Skye’s real name to be Daisy, then escapes.

With Whiehall dead, Fray (Fake Fried May) feels lost with no one to follow. Ward offers her sanctuary, and they escape into the sunset (at least, there was probably a sunset).

Skye chases Raina, who’s taken the Diviner into the alien temple. Coulson goes after Skye. Trip then goes after them both, but first deactivating all of the explosives he’d just planted through the temple.

In the end, Skye, Raina, and Trip find themselves trapped in a room in the temple where the Diviner starts to work it’s magic. It opens up to reveal blue crystals, then puts Raina and Skye into the kind of cocoon. In an effort to save Skye, Trip knocks over the crystals, which explode, sending a shard into his gut, which reacts just as the Diviner did when anyone else touched it, turning Trip into stone.

Raina and Skye’s cocoons begin to fall apart, and we see glimpses of Raina’s eyes and fingers, changed to very cat like qualities, while Skye looks unchanged, aside from the floating in the air, hair blowing in the wind look she has going on, while an earthquake begins around them. Cut to black.

In the final scene, a man looks at ANOTHER DIVINER, which is glowing. He calls someone, saying that there’s “someone new”. His face is revealed and he HAS NO EYES. Not just empty eye sockets. Like, full on flesh covering his eyes giving him this big forehead. It looked weird. However, I think it’s safe to say that after all of this, the Inhumans have entered the MCU.

Highlights of Season Two, so far…

I’ve said it before and I will again, Kyle Maclachlan has been giving an amazing and surprising performance as Cal. In the finale, we finally see the real monstrous crazy that we’ve only gotten glimpses of.

Skye’s development into a SHIELD agent is also an awesome thing to see. One part in particular in the finale, when she and Ward are trying to escape Hydra, he tells her to sit and wait fr him to make sure the coast is clear. She immediately ignores, picks up a dead guard’s gun, and shoots Ward four times in the chest, something I think everyone has wanted to do all season.

Reed Diamond has also been a great villain. He plays up the creepy butcher scientist very well. I’m sad to see the character killed off, though given his immortal-ish inhuman organs thing he has going, maybe there is a chance he survived? We’ll see.

The Diviner itself has been a source of great speculation for me. From the start I thought it would have been the next Infinity Stone. Well, I guess that theory is a bust. Oh well.

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