Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Writing on the Wall // Recap Review

While May and the rest of the team try and track down the escaped Agent Ward, Coulson and Skye continue their investigation into the alien writing, which is somehow connected to a string of murders.

The Writing on the wall starts with a “whodunnit” situation, with the “who” being the Guy with the Alien Tattoos, and the “dunnit” being his murdering of a stage five clinger (I’m not saying we should murder clingy dates, but seriously, she was really clingy.). To complete his crime, he carves the alien writings that have been plaguing Coulson into her flesh.

Meanwhile, May, Trip, Hunter, and Bobbi, track down the escaped Agent Ward, tracking him to a bus stop. Ward quickly foils their attempts, which honestly, for top rate spies, I feel like they dropped many balls on this one, and he escapes.

How does he escape? He straps a bomb to himself with a dead man’s trigger, which if he lets go of the detonator and/or dies, the bomb goes off (Yeah, I know what that is. It was in an episode of LOST. What of it?). He then makes his way onto a bus, sits next to Bobbi and blows her cover, then “Driver. I’m on the wrong bus. Silly me.” Walks off he bus and onto another, which Hunter was already on, dressed as a cowboy (which Bobbi and Hunter have their amazing chemistry remarks to each other about later.)

This seriously worries me about the safety of buses. Did no one check is ticket when he got on the bus and tell him he was on the wrong bus? Was there no metal detector to tell people “HEY! DUDE’S WEARING A BOMB!” I guess not. Personally, I’ve never traveled by public bus transport, so I’m not sure how this would work. Maybe he had TWO tickets for both buses? Who knows, but I’m never taking the bus.


Back to the alien writing murders, through the use of The Girl in the Flower Dress, Raina’s, memory machine she used on Coulson back in season one. Reluctantly, they put Coulson back into the device to get his memories back about project T.A.H.I.T.I. (It’s a magical place…) Coulson remembers/discovers that the Guy with the Alien Tattoos and all of his victims were former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were a part of the project and had their memories wiped, and were leading normal lives, aside from their own obsessive recreations of the alien markings.

In a frenzy, Coulson goes to the last remaining agent who has yet to be killed to try and warn him, but is too late. Alien Tattoos is already there, trying to make Coulson and the other agent remember and tell him what the markings mean.

As tensions rise with Coulson, May tracks Ward to a bar off the highway, where he meets with Dr. Whitehall’s right hand man, who I’ve been referring to as “Mr. Hydra”. Is Ward going back to his Hydra roots? No. He’s taking out all the Hydra agents by himself and leaving Mr. Hydra to be taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. His way of saying “my bad”?


Coulson does his best to fight of the Guy with the Alien Tattoos, and then discovers a three-dimensional welded design of the alien markings. They were blue prints to a city all along!


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