Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Things We Bury // Recap Review

Coulson leads his team through some cloak and dagger tactics to find the alien city and meets a new foe, the Brothers Wars have an awkward and intense reunion, and the mysterious mystery of the mysterious Dr. Whitehall is revealed.

While a lot of big and great things happened in this episode, the real star of it was in Kyle MacLachan I admit that the amount of things I have seen him I can count on one hand. How I Met Your Mother, that episode of Law and Order that one time. The Flintstones, and no matter wha anyone says that was a great movie. And no, I have not seen Twin Peaks yet.

When I’ve seen him he always plays the same white collar character. He plays it well, and in How I Mer Your Mother he spread out to show more comedy, but he still always felt like the same character. In this season of Agents of SHIELD as Skye’s crazy psychology dad, he is on FIRE. The range he shows from cool and calculating to ice cold rage, and the middle ground he often straddles is beautiful to watch. I don’t know wha or if he is a character from the comics, but I am excited to see how his story arc concludes. I’m hoping he doesn’t die and can continue this character in the show and hopefully in the greater MCU.

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