Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Team // Recap Review

Secret Warriors assemble! Coulson interrogates Malick, and Hive has someone on the inside.

After Giyera takes over the zephyr, with Coulson and his team on board, Daisy sends out the call to unite her Secret Warriors. Elena and Joey put their own lives aside and join up with Daisy and Lincoln to form a plan to infiltrate Hydra’s lair and rescue their fellow agents. The Inhumans are more than a match for the Hydra agents inside with Joey’s bullet melting and Elena’s “Yo-Yo” dash ability, wasting no time in saving their friends and capturing Malick.

Back at base, the Director of SHIELD has some one on one time with the last head of Hydra, easily getting the information from it. After the murder of his daughter, Malick has no qualms over betraying his Hydra God.  Alveus, or Hive, has turned Malick’s Inhumans against him, infected them with his sway over their kind, and he warns Coulson of the same effects he could have on SHIELD’s Inhumans. Fittz-Simmons’ autopsy of Lucio, Hive’s petrifying eyes Inhuman, confirms Malick’s warnings, and Coulson puts the base on lock-down until they can make sure none of the Secret Warriors are infected.

Keeping Daisy and her team in the dark for fear of one of them being infected and turning on them causes paranoia to everyone on base, putting friends against each other mere hours after saving their lives. But the paranoia turns to fear as an explosive is set off in Malick’s cell, killing him and injuring Fittz-Simmons. The Inhumans fight back to protect themselves from SHIELD but soon fall into the same fits of paranoia over each other and who might be a traitor, valid reasons being laid out to question every one of them. Trying to handle the situation, Daisy promises to sneak them out of the base, only to lead them into the quarantined rooms invented specifically for Inhumans and to Coulson, who’s been doing some investigating of his own, finding Hive’s orb, stolen from SHIELD’s vault, in Lincoln’s bag. With the Secret Warriors quarantined and, for the moment, disbanded, SHIELD works to discover a cure for Hive’s mind control, but is Lincoln really the traitor?

“The Team” had some fantastic effects and action sequences involving the Inhumans, especially in regards to Lincoln who had the opportunity to use the full range of his powers against Hydra agents, but this sequence occurred very early in the episode, and was fairly short, though the rest of the episode had a fair amount of intrigue. While I never expected the Secret Warriors to assemble for an hour long fight against an alien horde attacking New York, it would be great to really see the Inhumans, on both sides unleash their potential powers for an exciting action sequence.

Unfortunately, this episode continued a bad habit that Agents of SHIELD has been falling into, and that’s the killing off of characters after serving their purpose. Von Strucker, Rosalind Price, and now Gideon Malick. While he had a long run this season of villainous actions, his story is, as far as we can tell, over, with only his wealth in Hive’s hands to continue. Characters dying are a part of drama, and happen more often than I’d like, but if there is a strong purpose for their death, it can strengthen the show. In the previous episode, we saw Malick’s daughter killed by Hive, a development in his character that could have affected the story in greater ways, drawing Malick to SHIELD’s side against Hive, even bringing some of Hydra’s resources to use against him. But in the very next episode, he’s killed. Aside from giving some pieces of information to Coulson, any effect of his daughter’s murder is erased. It’s unfortunate to see this happening, especially so often in one season. Hopefully, this will not become an overarching habit for the entire series moving forward.

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