Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Frienemy of my Enemy // Recap Review

Hydra hunts for powered-people, Skye has a Father-Daughter Date with Cal, and Coulson makes a deal with Ward.

Artist Nathan Fox depicts the chaos of Tuesday’s Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD, “The Frenemy Of My Enemy” in this week’s The Art of Evolution.

Fitz has joined team Coulson, along with Hunter, and now they’re making a deal with Ward and Agent 33. Neither is trusting of the other, and there is a great moment between Fitz and Ward on the quin-jet, as Ward tries to be friendly with Fitz, and Fitz has a “NOPE” moment and and tries to attack Ward.

Along with Ward and 33 comes Bakshi, who is brained washed to comply, and they decide to use him to get to Von Strucker. As Bakshi makes the deal with Hydra, using Deathlok as a bargaining chip, we learn that Hydra is currently tracking a quantum entanglement (and I knew what that was! I learned all about it in Mass Effect 2!). Apparently that’s a detail about Gordon’s teleporting abilities. He creates a powerful quantum entanglement bridge between two points, which you can actually see whenever he teleports, and purple lines of energy are still connecting him to the point he was previously at.

The Inhumans make the decision to send Cal away, and Skye goes with him to soften the blow of him being once again parted with his long lost family. Gordon brings them to Milwaukee and they have a Father Daughter date. More layers of Cal are peeled back as we hear about his life before he lost Skye, and the life he imagined for them. He actually seems like he was a decent human being. A doctor, volunteering for Doctors Without Borders, which is how he met Jiaying. Skye also learns her full name, Daisy Johnson. Will she change her name to this? Or Skye Johnson? For the first time since we’ve met her, she has a real last name.

Hydra follows Gordon’s trail to Cal and Daisy, as does Lincoln, who was sent to watch over Skye, and Team Coulson join the fray as well, with May and Simmons hacking into Deathlok’s network to spy on Coulson and watch the whole thing.

I love the spy stuff in this show, the espionage, the super hero science, but I also love a good fight, and that’s just what we got in the last few minutes of the show. Hydra, SHIELD, and the Inhumans battling it out in an old building. No icers. Punches and bullets are flying. It also shows Coulson in my personal favorite Coulson outfit, white shirt and tie, rolled up sleeves, bulletproof vest. I would love a Funko figure of him like that.

Hydra manages to take down Lincoln and Deathlok, and before Skye can reunite with Coulson, Gordon quantum entangles in and pulls her and Cal out of danger.

In the end, Bobbi and Mack walk through the building, seeing the left over destruction from the battle. But something else is left over. Coulson sits at a desk, waiting for them, giving up running.

While getting to know Cal makes us just a little bit sympathetic to him, after all, he’s a father who lost his wife and daughter and spent two decades looking for her, I’m unfortunately running out of sympathy for May, and I hate that. After Coulson, she is my favorite character. But she is leaning more and more toward rSHIELD, trying to uncover Coulson’s secrets, trying to open the tool box. However, looking at the situation from her side of things, she was Coulson’s number two and his friend. He trusted her with his alien writing frenzies, but then kept protocol theta from her. She’s upset, maybe a little hurt, and worried that maybe the GH serum really did mess with his head.

In the battle with Hydra, there is also a moment of Deathlok fighting Lincoln. This entire season has dealt with powered people, and the divide between those who are powered through science, and those who have powers born within them. In this meeting of Deathlok and Lincoln, we see that divide shattered as both are just people with powers.

There is only one more episode until Agents of Ultron, and we know that they’re going to tie together. With Coulson looking for Von Strucker, it seems that will be the most likely connection. It would be amazing to see Coulson in Age of Ultron. He IS an Avenger, after all. Deathlok fighting along side Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, would be awesome as well.

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