Marvel Agents of SHIELD | The Dirty Half Dozen // Recap Review

Coulson makes a deal with real SHIELD, the old team is back together, and Raina has some disturbing visions.

The gang is back together on Tuesday’s Marvel’s#AgentsofSHIELD, as illustrated by Jake Wyatt for “The Dirty Half Dozen” in this week’s The Art of Evolution. Purchase:

Coulson has made a deal with Gonzalez and the rest of real SHIELD, to put aside their differences and focus on the real enemy, Hydra. Not everyone is thrilled with this plan, including May, who’s upset that Coulson has been lying to her about Theta Protocol, and about speaking with her ex-husband, Andrew, behind her back.

Her misgivings are shut down by Coulson, and the mission is a go. Coulson, May, and Fittz plan to infiltrate a Hydra base to save Deathlok and Lincoln, and then call in support jets to take out the entire base. One small issue: Ward is also going on the mission, which Simmons isn’t thrilled about. She comes up with a plan of her own and joins the team. Also, along with persuading from Raina’s visions, Gordon drops Skye off at the bus to join her team as well.

The mission itself is action packed and eventful, starting with the destruction of The Bus. Yes, the old girl has flown her last mission. However, it’s destruction allows the team to land safely, disguised as wreckage from the plane, much like Han Solo drifting away from the Empire’s star destroyer with the trash.

Once inside, they split up and proceed with the mission as planned, with help from the brainwashed Bakshi. There’s a fantastic sequence of Skye taking out a room full of Hydra soldiers on her own, putting her SHIELD training to good use. Better yet, it was all done in one shot as the camera followed her movements. They manage to save Deathlok and Lincoln, but not without a few issues.

Simmons’ own plans comes into play as she convinces Ward to separate from the group to look for supplies. She does her best to sneak attack him with a splinter bomb, the Hydra weapon designed from the effects of the Obelisk. But, before she can take out Ward, Bakshi comes to his rescue and takes the hit, and Bakshi bites the dust (That should be funny if you’ve seen the episode). Ward comments on how much Simmons has changed, and he’s right. In season one, she was a scientist, almost naive to the real field work. Now, she’s advocating the putting down of powered people and taking it upon herself to kill Ward.

Coulson and May work to take down the base’s defenses, but Coulson also has plans of his own, which May is less than aware about.

They make it back to SHIELD HQ in victory, and Gonzalez wants Coulson to hold up his end of the bargain, to open the tool box, which Coulson quickly does, dropping the F-bomb and going about the rest of his business. The “F-bomb” is letting Gonzalez know that Fury is still alive and probably on his way to reclaim the tool box from Gonzalez, and the rest of his business is speaking with Maria Hill about Loki’s scepter, which we know, and now so does Coulson, is in the hands of Von Strucker. Now, the Avengers know it too.

In the final scene, Jiaying speaks with Raina about her visions, and about using them responsibly, but the conversation is cut short due to her receiving another vision. One of “metal men” and destruction, all having to do with Loki’s scepter, tying in Agents of SHIELD to the quickly approaching events that will take place in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I’m still not trusting Gonzalez. I understand real SHIELD. I can see where they are coming from. I don’t agree with their views, but after the fall of SHIELD to Hydra and betrayal by their friends and comrades, wanting a democratic leadership is appealing, but it might not be ideal for running an intelligence agency. I don’t like Agent Weaver’s new bitchy attitude, but I do think her heart is in the right place. Gonzalez himself, however, I don’t trust. I don’t think he’s Hydra. I think he has his own separate agenda.

His methods, and those of real SHIELD, actually remind me of the methods used by the SSR in Agent Carter. Brute force investigation, shoot first, ask questions later. They make their conclusions based on only part of the facts and will be damned if they care to find ALL the facts and change their stance. Their stubborn. Gonzalez IS old. Perhaps he has some family connection to the SSR, and their old methods of doing things? Maybe there’s a third party we don’t even know about in the shadows pulling his strings. Or maybe there is a personal reason for his actions.

Personally, I still think Gonzalez is a cylon.

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