Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Spacetime // Recap Review

Daisy gets a glimpse into the future, Malick gets a taste of true power, and yeah, the day gets weirder.

S.H.I.E.L.D. responds to a 911 call from a seemingly normal citizen who asks for Daisy by name and mentions Hydra. Once on the scene, Daisy is told by the frightened man that he had a vision from the homeless man in the alley, Charles, about Daisy and Hydra, and that they’re running out of time. This couldn’t be more true as a Hydra jet drops from the sky, capturing Charles, but not before Daisy is able to reach out to save him, touching his hand and receiving visions of the future. With Charles captured, S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to base and Daisy tells them everything she saw, causing them to question to possibility of an Inhuman with ability to see the future. With an explanation of the spacetime fourth dimension from Fittz, it turns out the Raina’s clairvoyance wasn’t an isolated power. In order to save Charles while keeping this bleak future from occurring, Coulson orders Daisy to stay on base and prep May to go forward with the mission.

With a precognitive Inhuman in their possession, Malick and Inhuman Ward, now at his full strength, discuss their future plans, specifically, what Malick hoped to gain from bringing him back from the planet Maveth. Ward determines that what Malick is after, whether he admits it to himself or not, is true power. Malick has untold amounts of wealth, but has only ever ordered someone to be killed, and has never taken a life himself. Ward plans to change this, with help from Coulson’s hand left behind on Maveth after killing the real Grant Ward. Malick and Ward visit Transia, a manufacturer of state of the art biometrics Fittz uses in creating Coulson’s robotic hands, with plans to buy the company to use their inventions for themselves, specifically an exoskeleton suit designed for soldiers. After a hostile takeover showing Ward’s abilities and Malick’s strength in the exo-suit, Malick discovers the allure of taking someone’s life with his own hands.

Daisy coaches May through a deadly fight in her vision, stepping her through each event so that May can be prepared for the challenge ahead of her, when the building Charles was brought to in her vision is identified. May is ready to head out when a surprise intruder, Andrew, arrives, explaining his final transformation is ahead of him and he wished to say goodbye. With May now dealing with Andrew, Coulson reluctantly sends Daisy on the mission as the team watches back at base. Daisy has no problems taking out the guards as she showed May how to do, but taking care of any hostilities with the help of her powers. As Coulson and the team watches back at base, however, they see a glimpse of Ward on the cameras, changing the mission parameters and sending the full team for support. Now, with S.H.I.E.L.D. supporting her, Daisy makes her way to the roof where Malick is about to escape via helicopter with Charles. Malick confronts Daisy, overpowering her with his exo-suit and is about to deliver the killing blow when Charles steps in, giving Malick a vision of an unknown future, causing Malick to turn his strength on Charles, giving Daisy the opportunity to destroy Malick’s exo-suit. As Malick escapes, a weakened Daisy speaks with a dying Charles, who asks her to protect his daughter from turning into the Inhuman he’s become.

“Spacetime” is probably the strongest episode to come out of the second half of season three, with an interesting and tragically beautiful story matched with powerful visuals and intense camera work following action sequences. As the story introduces Charles and brings back Andrew, it brings up the philosophical discussion of who should become an Inhuman, and should there be a choice. Charles transformation gave him and the person he touches a vision of a deadly future, causing him to avoid any human contact, especially with his wife and infant daughter. Andrew and May regret his becoming Inhuman due to his transformation into the murderous Lash. With Kreel’s absorbing blood giving them a possible vaccine, the question is brought up should people have a choice to become Inhuman, arguably something they already are, and embrace their transformations, or choose to stay relatively human.

Lincoln has shared before that a belief of the Inhuman society is that when an Inhuman goes through terrigenesis, their powers appear to fill a purpose, that there is an intelligent design to them. Andrew has a similar belief of the monster he is becoming, that he fights and kills for a purpose that they don’t understand yet. If this is the case, what would an Inhuman vaccine do to interrupt this Inhumanly divine plan?

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