Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Singularity // Recap Review

Hive recruits more Inhumans to his sway, Fittz-Simmons goes clubbing, and the head is cut.

Bringing Daisy to his side and momentarily crippling SHIELD has given Hive and his Inhumans a head start to filling their ranks. They waste no time putting their plans in motion, bringing Alisha, an Inhuman once friendly with SHIELD, and James, after putting him through Terrigenesis and getting the rest of the items he stole from Jiaying. Now they have just one more stop.

SHIELD scrambles after Daisy’s earth shaking exit, and the team attempts to catch up to her but remain one step behind. While Coulson and May try to follow her, Fittz-Simmons and Mack follow a lead to a geneticist specializing in transhumanism (human enhancement), Holden Radcliffe, who may have a way to cure Hive’s effects on Inhumans. But in order to find him, Fittz-Simmons gets dressed up in their fanciest evening wear and head to a club popular in the transhuman community. While waiting for a meeting with the mysterious scientist, Fittz-Simmons get the chance to talk about their relationship, and if they’re ready cross the point of no return; sex.

Finally, a meeting with Radcliffe takes place, only to be interrupted by Daisy, who’s come for Radcliffe herself. Her powers and skill easily take down Radcliffe’s security, and Fittz when he tries to stop her, leaving him in a choke-hold as she warns them to stop following them, as well as her earlier premonition that someone is going to die. As if that wasn’t warning enough, as Coulson and May investigate James’ trailer for any sign of where they’ve gone or their plans, the explosives set throughout the area go off, Coulson and May only narrowly escaping thanks to his bionic arm and new energy shield, because Coulson and Fittz thought it’d be cool if the Director of SHIELD has a shield.

Regrouping after again losing Daisy and Hive, Coulson is contacted by Talbot, who has been going forward with the intel given by Malick and has located Hydra’s main points of infrastructure, taking them down simultaneously, cutting the heads off the beast.

While “The Singularity” was a lot of fun, it sets up some key events for the future. With Captain America: Civil War only a week away, with only one Agents of SHIELD episode before it, it seems likely that the take down of Hydra will have something to do with Agents of SHIELD’s connection to the next film in the MCU. But how? It’s no surprise that Hydra would have some role to play in Civil War, but I don’t know exactly what since I’ve done my best to avoid any big spoilers. Hopefully, whatever the connection is will be a lot stronger than the helicarrier connection from Avengers Age of Ultron.

And what are Hive’s plans? Without giving too much away of the after credits scene of this week’s episode, Hive uses Malick’s fortune to buy a town. A town for Inhumans? Is there a chance this town will take flight, similar to the comic book home of the Inhumans? Maybe I’m speculating a bit far here, but the fanboy in me is excited to see what happens next!

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