Marvel Agents of SHIELD | One of Us // Recap Review

Skye is put on The Index, May’s ex-husband gives Skye her psych evaluation, and Skye’s father, Cal, puts together an Evil League of Evil.

I have to admit, this episode wasn’t the strongest this season, much less of the whole series. It felt weak. However, while the episode itself wasn’t that great, it did give A LOT of insight into the nature of people with special abilities, the Index, the Inhumans, Mac and Bobbi’s secret, and some of May’s back story.

First off, May. With Skye going on the Index, the list of people with special abilities SHIELD keeps, she is required to go under a psychological evaluation. So, Coulson calls in a friend and former SHIELD psych consultant, Andrew, who has apparently worked with special people before. He’s also May’s ex-husband.

Throughout this entire season we’ve seen the onion that is Melinda May unravel layer by layer. She’s opened up. She talks more. She’s more comfortable in a leading position as Coulson’s second. And now, we know she used to be married. We also find out, through the back and forth between Andrew and Skye, that they eloped, but not in Vegas, even though Melinda does love Vegas. Kind of makes that whole episode where Ward is under Lorelei’s spell in Vegas even more of a kick in the quad for May. We also know that May divorced him.

Skye isn’t the only referencing point to the index in this episode. Cal, her crazy strong father, is using the index to gather his own team of special people to go against Coulson and the rest of SHIELD. His team includes another super strong but dim-witted ex-mob enforcer, an immoral tech genius, a man who can knock you out with just a whisper of his voice (which reminds me of Black Bolt), and Drea de Mateo (from Sons of Anarchy) as a crazy cat lady with razor claws welded into her fingers, and minus the cats, I’d hate to think what would have happened those cats if she DID have any. Cal also reveals his own gifts to his team. He’s NOT Inhuman. He probably didn’t even have his gifts until after his wife was captured by Whitehall and Skye taken by SHIELD as an infant. He used chemistry to make himself stronger, so he could protect his loved ones, and it resulted in some volatility. But, he is still working to create the right formula.

With this team of specials and Skye and Raina, we see there is a wide variety. As Simmons puts it, there are those with special abilities created by science. This category includes Mike Peterson, Deathlok, and even of the Avengers, as the Index is more of a “watch list” for those who could be potentially dangerous. This watch list was even mentioned during the argument in The Avengers.

Then, there are those like Skye and Raina who were always special, with their powers and gifts waiting within them. The Inhumans. But there are a few specials that I’m curious about, specifically “Scorch” from season one. He most likely wasn’t an Inhuman. But I don’t know that his gifts were given to him by science. Were they something he ALWAYS had? I also wonder about the nature of Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver in Age of Ultron. Originally, I was so sure they were going to be Inhumans, but could they be something else? Did they get their powers from science, terrigenisis, or just born that way? This is a question I REALLY want an answer to, and hopefully I’ll get one by May 1st.

Speaking of Skye, there is an interesting development with her by the end of the episode besides being on the Index. She has been learning to stop her powers and causing quakes (getting tired of this yet?) before they cause any damage, or so she thought. Instead of stopping her powers, She has been directing them into herself, causing fractures on the bones in her arms.

Now for the big reveal at the end of the episode! Mac has taken Hunter to the HQ of who he is working for. He finally spills the beans. He’s working for… SHIELD!



And how for the OTHER big reveal at the end of the end of the episode. Before SHIELD could take down Cal, the teleporting flesh-eyes Inhuman dropped in and got him out. Cal has been making too much noise, and they want him to stop. He tries to convince them that he’s doing it on their behalf, to protect people like “us”. But according to the Inhumans, there is no us. They see Cal as a failed lab experiment. Now, they just need to decide his fate, which is not up to Flesh-Eyes. So, who is leading them? Medusa? Black Bolt? Are we really going to see the Inhuman royal family??? That’d be sweeeeeet.

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