Marvel Agents of SHIELD | One Door Closes // Recap Review

Coulson is suspicious of Mack, Flesh-Eyes Gordon introduces himself to Skye, and rSHIELD (aka Real SHIELD) makes their move.

(Artist Dave Johnson brings the divided S.H.I.E.L.D. to life in the Art of Evolution for Tuesday’s Marvel’s#AgentsofSHIELD, “Afterlife.”

This episode might be the best AoS episode yet, if it’s not, then it’s at least my favorite to date. Seriously. Holy crap. Before we get to the big stuff, let’s start with some of the set up.

Skye is starting to go a little stir crazy at “The Retreat”, which is a cabin built by Bruce Banner. Possibly the same cabin he was in at the end of The Incredible Hulk? Maybe even the cabin the Avengers go to in Age of Ultron? It gets even MORE awesome when Skye starts to investigate her new home and finds a Hulk shaped fist imprint in the wall.

Things get interesting when Gordon, aka Flesh-Eyes, pays her a visit. He and Skye share a nice chat about her new powers, that it’s not a defect, but who she really is. They’re not really “earthquake” powers, but the ability to manipulate the vibrations all around her. He can take her to a place with others like them. But he knows she’s not ready, and lets her choose when she’d like to go.

The last time we saw Gordon was when he’d taken Cal to the Inhumans lair, for lack of a better term. What’s happened between then and now. What happened to Cal. Does bringing Skye back with him have anything to do with her father?

Meanwhile, at the Hall of SHIELD!

Coulson is suspicious of our three new teammates, Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter. He gives Mack a chance to inspect his car, Lola, but then shuts the hood when he confronts Mack about his allegiance. It was a nice and subtle hint to the nature of the conversation. Coulson let Mack under the hood. He opened up to him. But when Mack is less than truthful, the hood closes.

Soon enough, rSHIELD makes their move on the SHIELD HQ, capturing everyone. Our team put up a good fight, though. May and Bobbi had an intense fight, and Simmons is even the one who took Bobbi down using some clever deception and tech. But, it wasn’t enough.

The moment that we’ve been waiting for since, well, the last episode, is here. Coulson meeting with Adama-sorry- Gonzalez. He tells Coulson the origin of rSHIELD, that they were on the ship, (which is called the Elliot, not the Galactica, sadly), and we see the action on the day SHIELD fell, through a series of flashbacks. He tries to explain who they are, but are less than thrilled about Coulson’s SHIELD. They feel his has no right to be leading SHIELD, because he’s Fury’s man. Almost literally, as Fury was the one to bring him back from the dead. Coulson is Fury’s creation. They worry about the alien blood and how it affected him, the alien city, Skye, and more concerns. All of which Coulson comes back with rSHIELD staying in the shadows, sending spies into his base, attacking his people. He admits to Gonzalz that he heard he was a good man, and that when he took over, he wanted him on his team.

Gonzalez also goes into detail about rSHIELD’s plans. They believe that Fury has a number of dangerous weapons and bases throughout the world, and they’re searching for them, to make sure they don’t do anymore damage. He also wants Coulson to activate Fury’s tool box (or was it the toy box? I really can’t remember.).

When it’s clear Coulson won’t play ball, May ices Gonzalez and any back up he had and helps Coulson escape.

After receiving a distress call from May, Skye tries to make her escape from the Retreat, only to be tracked down by Bobbi and Calderon. He took a shot at her, and Skye used her new powers to bounce back not only the bullet, but everything around her, knocking back Bobbi, and injuring (hopefully killing…) Calderon. Gordon then teleports in and gets her out of harms way.

The last scene is of Coulson and Hunter meeting in a bar that looks a lot like Tahiti (it’s a magical place), joining together to fight back against rSHIELD. Hunter and Coulson versus rSHIELD? I like those odds.

I told you this episode was awesome!

Maybe I didn’t do it justice, but I couldn’t stop grinning when the show was over.

As for rSHIELD, I’m less and less trusting of them. Coulson tells Gonzalez what he knows about him, started in SHIELD young, left when his wife passed away, but then came back with a vengeance and rose through the ranks to become one of the best commanders SHIELD ever saw.

“… but then came back with a vengeance.” Why? What happened in his time away and what brought him back with such gusto?

And they’re looking for powerful weapons? Why? Even during the flashbacks we find out the Elliot is caring precious cargo they can’t let fall into Hydra’s hands. What is it?

And when we first see Gonzalez in the flashbacks, he’s wounded from a fight with a Hydra agent.

I’m not so trusting of Gonzalez.

I think he’s a cylon.

Okay, he’s probably not a cylon. PROBABLY.

But could he have lied when they found him wounded and HE was the Hydra agent and the man he killed a SHIELD agent?

I honestly don’t want to start crying Hydra, only because the secret Hydra agent was the ending of last season. I’d like something different. But having this suspicion so ready is part of the consequences of what happened in Winter Soldier and last season. Who can we trust? Are there Hydra agents still in the shadows?

Chances are, he’s of a third party, maybe he’s associated with Baron Von Strucker? Or maybe there is another reason we don’t know. However, the entirety of rSHIELD seems to make decisions based on fear and not understanding. They have a prejudice against Coulson because they don’t know what the deal is with the alien stuff. They don’t understand Skye and the new enhanced abilities so they act on shoot first, ask questions later orders.


The flashbacks on the Elliot totally reminded me of Battlestar Galactica.

If anyone can cut those scenes together and add in BSG music, I’d be happy.

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