Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Melinda // Recap Review

The true story of the “Cavalry” is revealed, rSHIELD looks into Coulson’s secrets, and Skye has a family reunion.

It looks like May took the offer from Gonzalez to join rSHIELD’s council, and in return they’ve given her command of the SHIELD base, and all the information they’ve gathered on Coulson and his “Protocal Theta”. He’s apparently been making secret rendezvous all over the world, building sites with bunk beds, and not telling May any of it.

Building sites with bunk beds? Coulson is making a FORT!

Up until this point we’ve seen rSHIELD acting out of fear and misunderstanding of Coulson and powered people, but with this new bit of information, maybe Coulson really is hiding something sinister? However, this information is something that rSHIELD has neglected to mention until now, so the secret anti-secret rSHIELD has more secrets. This is getting confusing.

At Afterlife, Jiaying is training Skye to use her powers. Moving mountains, playing songs on wine glasses, breaking those wine glasses, but what she isn’t doing is telling her she is her mother. Not at first anyway. Jiaying takes some time to get to know her new found daughter, before finally reaching her maternal limit and breaking the news.

We find out more details about Jiaying and Cal, that when Cal found his butchered wife he put her back together. They searched for Skye for years until Jiaying accepted that her daughter was gone, and focused her attention on those she CAN protect at Afterlife. Cal never stopped looking, and changed himself to the man we know today.

We’ve had all season to get to know Cal. We’ve seen his tender moments and we’ve seen him lose control. He’s danced on the line between good guy and bad guy. In this episode, though, we’re finally given a chance to get to know Jiaying. We know she’s much older than she appears, and that she serves as a kind of mentor to the Inhumans, and is in charge of Afterlife. But we also got the chance to get to know her as a person. I was honestly worried that she was going to end up the stereotypical wise-elder Qui-Gon Jiaying for the Inhumans, but she acts, well, like a person. She laughs and makes bad jokes, she has conversations with Skye not as an elder Inhuman but as a mother and a friend. I dare say I even LIKE her, which, if I’ve learned anything from the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, means she’s going to die.

Raina on the other hand isn’t enjoying her “guidance” as much as Skye is. Gordon has chosen to help her, and he impresses on her how different they both are compared to other Inhumans. The Terrigenisis changed them physically, and they have to learn to accept that, while finding out what they’re other abilities are. Gordon shows some anger towards Lincoln, accusing him of knowing nothing about what they go through. It gave me the impression that there is a resentment and divide between the physically changed Inhumans and the others.

This is all well and good, but you probably want to know the story behind May’s nickname of “The Cavalry”.

We’ve heard the rumors of the incident in Bahrain, how May took down a whole gang of guys and a gifted person. As we find out through some flashbacks, the gifted person, was actually two Inhumans, a mother with super strength, and her insane young daughter with some kind of mind-controlling power. While the overall mission had some intense fight scenes, and some sneaking around that reminded me a Splinter Cell, she ended up having to put the young girl down, and walking out a changed woman. I’m no psychologist, but we’re given the impression that she suffered, or is suffering, from PTSD. In this universe of super heroes, it’s easy to forget that everyone suffers from problems that are more common than we’d like to admit. And these problems, especially PTSD, aren’t minimized when put next to Loki invading Earth with the Chitari.

As it was Inhumans that May went up against, we’re shown once again that the Inhumans have been around for a long time, but SHIELD didn’t know it. Jiaying sees May having to take down two Inhumans as a failing on her part. She wasn’t able to guide the mother and daughter and they turned away from the Inhuman community. I really love the way they’ve woven the past of SHIELD and May with the Inhumans, showing the greater universe and everything being connected.

Oh, one last thing.

Raina can see the future.

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