Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Maveth // Recap Review

Coulson arrives on Tatooine, SHIELD faces off against Hydra, and Fittz and Will meet.

With Fittz trapped on another world with Hydra and Coulson jumping through the portal to stop Ward, the new acting Director of SHIELD, Mack, has his hands full. After a careful plan, SHIELD, along with Daisy’s new team of Inhumans, have no trouble wresting the the castle from Malick’s grasp. Keeping it, however, is another story.

Light Years away, Fittz guides Ward and his Hydra soldiers through the alien wasteland. Ward’s mission is to bring back the ancient leader of Hydra, while Fittz only plans to save Will. Doing what he can to break free from Hydra, Fittz eventually discovers Will’s hideaway and convinces Ward they need him to help locate the ancient being, and to find the portal to take them home. The ancient King of Hydra is closer than they realize.

After Fittz and Will successfully escape Ward, Coulson catches up and takes Ward as his prisoner. While they walk through the wasteland searching for Fittz and Will, they have the chance to talk and set things straight, something that Coulson isn’t interested in doing.

“Maveth” holds plenty of action and suspense for a mid-season finale. Both on planet Earth and on the alien wasteland, the story leaves plenty open for us to look forward to in the next half. It’s the consequences of these characters that brought them to this point, and now the consequences of these events will carry over and continue to build. It’s a relief to have a true MID-SEASON finale when so much is left hanging, instead of having a sense of conclusion and have no real guess as to how the story will move forward.

While the decisions of characters and twisting plots of this episode were exciting, what really takes the spotlight is Director Mack. From the beginning Mack has been the gentle giant, intimidating in presence, yet he’s really just a big teddy bear, as Daisy likes to put it. But when pushed, Mack has never backed down from his duty of doing the right thing. Now, given the position of Director while Coulson hunts for revenge, he steps up in a big way, being a true leader, seeing the angles of a mission, making the best choice, and putting his team’s well being before anything else. With Coulson possibly turning down a dark path, could Mack remain the Director of SHIELD?

Season two brought the show to new and exciting levels in story telling, and now season three is doing it again. As all the fragments of SHIELD were put back together after their fight with Real SHIELD and the Inhumans, it’s a covert force to be reckoned with. Many of the episodes have worked almost like a procedural cop show; Law and Order: MCU. Also, has anyone else noticed that everyone has switched to wearing blacks and dark blues?

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