Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Love in the Time of Hydra // Recap Review

Ward and Agent 33 are back in play, Coulson makes a hard decision regarding Skye, and Hunter discovers Mack and Bobbi’s secret, which is of galactica proportions.

Remember the diner scene in Pulp Fiction? That’s basically the beginning of this episode, with Ward and Agent 33. While I appreciate the reference, the scene itself was meh. What I DID like about the scene, is that within a few minutes and a small conversation, we’re given exposition of where Ward and 33 have been. 33 has been getting Ward back to health after Skye shot him, and now they’re holding up a diner to capture a SHIELD tech that can fix Agent 33’s nano-mask.

Aside from seeing what 33 and Ward are up to, breaking into Talbot’s air force base, stealing Mr. Hydra/Bakshi for 33’s revenge for brain washing her, there isn’t a whole lot of action. A lot of talking about Skye’s new powers, Coulson taking her off active duty and sending her to a cabin that served as one of Fury’s safe houses (and maybe the cabin the Avengers go to in Ultron? We’ll see.), Fittz-Simmons seeing just how far apart they’ve come, and the reveal of Bobbi and Mac’s “real” SHIELD.

Hunter is introduced to the “real” SHIELD leadership, which consists of Agent Weaver, from the SHIELD Academy, Agent Calderon, played by Fringe’s Kirk Acevedo (who always plays the asshole character well, but with this guy he really makes me want to hurt him physically.), and the Old Man, Edward James Olmos as SHIELD Agent Robert Gonzalez. (ADAMA!)

According to what they tell Hunter, they are the “real” SHIELD, rebuilt from the ashes that Fury left. They didn’t like his secrets, his way of doing things, and because Coulson is Fury’s man, they have a problem with him running SHIELD. His coming back to life, the alien writings, the alien city, everything Coulson and his team have done seemed dangerous to them. Fury kept secrets, now Coulson has secrets, and secrets, they feel, are what brought down SHIELD.

However, they secretly formed “real SHIELD”, then secretly sent in Bobbi and Mack to secretly spy on Coulson, so… Yeah.

While their methods haven’t seemed great, they’re motive, so far, is understandable. They don’t want one person with all the secrets running SHIELD. They want a democratic leadership. Who can blame them.

Hunter, however, isn’t drinking any of their kool-aid. He makes an escape and discovers that their base is a ship in the middle of the ocean. A ship named Galactica! (I don’t think it’s really named Galactica, but how awesome would that be?)

This is merely our first glimpse into “real SHIELD”, so a lot of questions are still up in the air. Personally, I don’t buy it. Like I said, being against secrets while being secretive doesn’t really work for me. Also, Calderon feels like such a son of a bitch, that I wonder if his purpose is to make Adama- I mean Gonzalez, seem that much better.

I’m going with Frodo on this one. An enemy would seem fairer, but feel fouler.

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