Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Laws of Nature // Recap Review

Daisy looks for help with new Inhumans, Coulson enjoys his new toy, and Fitz tries to uncover the secrets of the Monolith.

During SHIELD’s confrontation with Jiaying and the Inhumans, a crate of terrigen crystals were lost in the ocean, infecting sea life, and in turn, the world’s ecosystem. Now, terrigenesis can be obtained from your local pharmacy in the form of fish oil pills. This sets the stage for Agents of SHIELD’s season three premiere, as Daisy “Skye” Johnson leads her team of fellow agents to extract a newly made and terrified Inhuman.

Ordinary citizens going through terrigenesis isn’t the only change SHIELD is dealing with, as the roles and responsibilities of a number of agents have shifted as well. Coulson, equipped with a new, state of the art Bus 2.0, and a new hand to replace the one Mack had to cut off, has also lost his right hand, as Agent May has yet to return after going on an extended vacation. Still recovering from her injuries sustained against Ward and Agent 33, Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse works in the lab putting her biology degree to good use, and picking up slack for Fitz, who is determined to scour the world for any clue to the mysteries of the Monolith, and a way to rescue Simmons.

Daisy and Mack look for help from a former Inhuman expert, Lincoln. After the death of Jiaying, Lincoln has distanced himself from the Inhuman community, doing what he can as a doctor and living a normal life. But his alien heritage and acts against the Real SHIELD are hard to ignore, as Mack bluntly reminds him.


Hydra has gone silent, even after their small role in the events at Pym Technologies seen in Ant-Man, making room for a new enemy to go against SHIELD. After rescuing the newest member of the “part alien club,” Joey Gutierrez from a deadly squad hunting him down, Coulson investigates this unknown organization’s leader, who introduces herself to Coulson as Rosalind, and leads the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, a group given total authority to combat the increasing numbers of threats to the world. The Battle of New York, the Invasion of London, and the falling of Sokovia are evidence enough that forces beyond the world’s governments are increasing, and have assembled the ATCU with the mysterious Rosalind at it’s head.


“Laws of Nature” made a bold, yet brief, decision in how it is dealing with the new cropping up of Inhumans. The introduction of Joey, comparing his new found identity of Inhuman to him hiding his sexuality puts this alien situation into a perspective that many can understand.Terrified and normal citizens are now “freaks” and dangerous to others, but they must come to terms with it as a part of who they are.


One of the consistent strengths Agents of SHIELD has shown is to build off the consequences of the past and create new stories. In its first season, much of the story was reactionary to the MCU films, such as Iron Man 3. It’s entire second season continued to show the ramifications the events of the first, and build on the fall of SHIELD seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Now, the falling of Sokovia is still fresh on the mind of the world and of SHIELD, and both are feeling the effects of a city falling from the sky.

Agents of SHIELD does a strong job of changing the dynamics of the characters from season to season, keeping these characters and relationships fresh. Once the agent in the field, Bobbi Morse fits in just as well in the lab, and vice versa can be said for Fitz. It may have been a jump to show Fitz as the dashing hero on a mission, but given his own experiences in the field alongside and against Ward, he’s developed into a well rounded character, as well as a strong emotional one, showing his denial at the loss of his lab mate, Simmons.

The rising Inhuman threat and the formation of the ATCU, (and even the possibility that the Monolith is actually the next Infinity Stone? I was wrong last season about the Diviner being a Stone, but I can’t be wrong twice, can I…?) it feels like Agents of SHIELD may be setting a small part of the stage for this summer’s next installment of the MCU, Captain America: Civil War. Hopefully, this season will have a stronger connection to the greater MCU, and break the saying that the show is connected to the movies, but the movies aren’t connected to the show.

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