Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Heavy is the Head // Recap Review

First off, apologies for the lateness of this review. It’s been a tough week of being sick and taking midterms at the same time. But all that’s done and I can focus on the important stuff, like talking about Agents of SHIELD.

The second episode picked up right where the first left off, Hunter and the other mercenaries trapped in a crashed car and the obelisk is stolen. Hadley and Idaho are presumed dead, and Hunter is captured by Talbot.

From this point on a lot of focus is given to this new character. Hunter, a mercenary, high self-preservation instinct, equal only to his greed. However, as the episode goes on, we start to question who he really is. Not sole mysterious character who their will be a big reveal like “OH MY GOD he’s Peter Quill’s father!”

I mean… There could be a big reveal like that, but I doubt it. By finding out his character I just mean his actual character. Is he a good man or a bad? Can he be trusted? These questions are all up in the air as Hunter is offered a LOT of money to turn in Coulson to Talbot, but he also asks for a proper burial for Hadley. Hadley was a good friend of his. Maybe even a lover, the key phrase in that being love. Though right now that’s just my speculation. Hunter returns and tells Coulson all about his deal with Talbot, putting a few more points in the trust column. Though when the team goes after Kriel (did I spell that right?) he lets his desire for vengeance guide him and he turns on the team so he can get the kill shit on the Absorbing Man. Which he would have had, if Kriel didn’t turn bulletproof.

When besting Kriel, it was Coulson who came to the rescue with a deus ex machina from our favorite scientist, Fottz. In the last episode out hearts were broken to see tht Fittz isn’t in the best of shape. Now that he’s even more put off by his failure to get cloaking technology for the Bus, he tries to redeem himself by finding a way to take our Kriel. However, without the real Simmona, he seems lost. He keeps repeating to Mac, the SHIELD mechanic, that he “didn’t solve this today.” After repeating it enough, Mac realized that Fittz didn’t solve this problem with Kriel today, because he solves it before. So, a nice deus ex machina to save the day. Which isn’t a bad thing.

I really want to stop and give recognition to the actor playing Fittz. My own personal experiences of dealing with someone with brain damage, watching them struggle to put into words what’s in their minds, to make that connection, it’s rough. But Fittz does a realisti job of portraying that disability and makes me feel just as I would for someone in reality.

The big reveal of this episode however, is about Rain. That’s right. The Girl in the Flower Dress is back. She’s cut ties with Hydra and is on her own. She’s less vial on and more interested third party. That third party being mostly a mystery. The only thing we know for sure? Raina can touch the obelisk without dying, and the man she’s working for is eluded to being Skye’s father.

A lot of speculation was around Skye and the possibility of her introducing Marvel’s Inhumans plot. This new revelation makes me want to give more weight to the theory. But we don’t know much else. We’ll just have to keep watching!

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