Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Emancipation // Recap Review

Gen. Talbot enforces the Sokovia Accords, the Watchdogs become what they hate, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

With the Sokovia Accords the new law of the land, Gen. Talbot pays a visit to SHIELD HQ with suspicions from Pres. Ellis that they have some enhanced agents on their team. He’s not thrilled with the amount of hazards and unknowns within SHIELD, much less that Lash is kept on base and not in the ATCU’s gel-matrix, or the threat that Hive poses to the entire world. While Coulson gives Talbot the grand tour, while Fittz-Simmons works to keep Daisy from repeatedly hacking into their systems. Systems she is using to cyber stalk Lincoln.

With the use of Daisy’s blood, some terrigen crystals, and a dash of Hive, Radcliffe is finally ready to proceed with the experiment in turning humans into Inhumans, he just needs a few volunteers. James is all to happy to round up a few unwilling participants within the ranks of the Watchdogs. Hive sees it as poetic irony and justice that those who ate Inhumans will be the first to become them with this procedure. It doesn’t turn out just as they were expecting, as the new Inhumans seem monstrous abominations to everyone who sees them, except Hive who is proud of his new children.

Eager to be reunited, Daisy contacts Lincoln, giving him the opportunity to escape SHIELD’s security and join her, away from Hive, and away from SHIELD. He manages to sneak past his fellow agents and secure a quinjet, programmed by Daisy to fly him directly to her, and an awaiting Hive. However, Lincoln knew not to trust her, and worked with May to trick her, sneaking Lash aboard the Quinjet while he stays behind. Hive is shocked to see the monstrous Inhuman hunter in his new lair and tries to sway him, but it turns out Lash’s powers cancel out Hive’s, leaving Hive wounded as he clear’s Daisy’s mind from Hive’s control and help her escape, and giving his life for her as James takes him down.

“Emancipation” brought things up a level with the Inhuman battles. James throwing around a fiery chain, Lash and Hive duking it out, it was exciting to watch. But much of this episode brought the events of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War to the rest of the MCU, beginning with Agents of SHIELD. Working with Inhumans AND being a government organization leaves Coulson and his team in a tricky spot. Elena is cautious about the Accords, fearing that putting her and other enhanced and Inhumans on a list will make them easy targets for groups like the Watchdogs. Even Talbot, after seeing the whole picture, understands that the way Coulson runs SHIELD, while not perfect, is effective, and they need to work together to find a compromise to work within the Accords, and to continue to do their jobs.

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