Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Devils You Know // Recap Review

Inhumans reach out to S.H.I.E.L.D. the A.T.C.U. strive for the spirit of cooperation, and Hunter gets close to the Director of Hydra.

While the ATCU and SHIELD try to contain the terrigen outbreak and new Inhumans, the hidden Inhuman community have gone to ground for fear of the ATCU and the hunt for Lincoln. Some realize they need help, and reach out the Daisy and SHIELD to protect them. But a recruitment mission goes wrong when the Inhuman hunter, who has been come to be named Lash, joins the party, kills the Inhumans and makes an escape.

Now that Coulson and Rosalind are working together, or trying to at least, each feel the other is hiding things from them. To remedy that, they join in the hunt for Lash and follow a clue to a new Inhuman who has a painful ability to sense when other Inhumans are nearby. A simple interrogation reveals that he sense out the Inhumans, and Lash kills them, feeling it’s what needs to be done to get rid of the “freaks.”

On the human villain hunt front, Hunter has been asked to join in a Hydra operation, but to May’s dismay, he doesn’t know what, when, or where. Hunter brushed off her concern, as long as it gets him closer to Ward, who is taking more leaves out of SHIELD’s book and referring to himself as the Director of Hydra. To get help, May finally returns to base and organizes a team to give her and Hunter some back up, and to have a somewhat awkward discussion with Andrew, who is there to evaluate Simmons. The encounter between Hunter and Ward gets a little too close, and Hydra uses Andrew as leverage against May.

The dynamics of SHIELD and the ATCU working together clash in a strong way in “Devils You Know.” Since season two, SHIELD has been working from the shadows, “ghosts,” as Coulson put it in last season’s premiere. They’ve still kept this style of work, and it’s more apparent when put next to the methods of the ATCU, coming to a mission in strength of numbers and using brute force tactics. It’s even interesting to see Coulson wearing a blue shirt and Rosalind a red shirt, both with a black jacket over them. A small detail that stands out and says a lot about the differences between the characters. Also, the dynamics between this new partnership of Daisy and Mac has been strong since the beginning of the season. They work well together, playing off each other, while also reversing preconceived roles. Mac, the big guy, is the hesitant one, timid, sometimes afraid (and rightfully so) of what’s around the next corner. Daisy on the other hand is ready for action, sometimes throwing caution to the wind. (If Fitz-Simmons get a partnership name, then I declare them Mac-Daisy. Macsy? Dac? MAISY!)

More and more Agents of SHIELD has been taking on a procedural feeling. More missions, more data, more down to business, but still balancing the characters’ personal lives and relationships with each other. It could almost be renamed to Law and Order: MCU. While the police procedural drama is bordering on overdone (and not one of my favorite types of shows), just adding the small touches of it to this show work and gives it a little more structure than it’s had in the past.

It’s unfortunate to see the story line of Hunter infiltrating Hydra end so quickly. The idea of Hunter climbing the ranks, doing bad guy stuff with bad guys in order to get closer to Ward inch by inch had potential for some great story elements, similar to Simmons own undercover work last season. Maybe that’s why they ended it so quickly? So as not to do the same kind of story again? It will be interesting to see where the story goes with Hunter now.

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