Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Closure // Recap Review

Ward gets personal, Coulson crosses a line, and Mack is made acting Director of SHIELD.

Sometime has passed since Coulson and Rosalind’s revelation of Malick being one of the many heads of Hydra. In that time, both SHIELD and the few loyal members of the ATCU have been briefed on the situation, and over dinner Coulson and Rosalind discuss their next move. Unfortunately, Ward disrupts the conversation by putting a sniper’s bullet through Rosalind’s throat and sending a hit squad against Coulson, of which he narrowly escapes.

Ward’s plans didn’t end with Coulson, as he coordinates an attack on Fittz-Simmons as they explore an old factory Malick used to send Will’s science team to the alien planet, now known as “Maveth,” after the Hebrew word for death. Ward and Malick take Fittz-Simmons captive and begin their interrogation to discover how to bring someone back from Maveth.

Coulson does his own interrogating as he speaks to each of his original team members searching for any incite into Ward’s motivations. They all point to his family, and Coulson and Hunter go after the one person Ward might actually care about, his younger brother, Thomas.

“Closure” was for the most part all set up for the upcoming mid-season finale, moving pieces around the board so that the episode will be able to take it’s time without as much setup. But, on its own merit it did delve deeper into the already layered character of Grant Ward. Until now, Ward’s younger brother, Thomas, who, if Ward is to be believed, Ward was forced to push down a well by their eldest brother, was thought to be dead. The knowledge that there is one person still alive in Ward’s family who he would care enough about brings with it the possibility that Thomas Ward could play a much bigger role in the future of the series.

That is, if his character sticks around. One of the faults I’ve found in this season is the introduction and quick exiting of characters once they’ve served their purpose. Ward brought in the young Hydra Prince, Von Strucker, but once he filled his purpose exposing Andrew as Lash, he was basically written off into a coma. Sure, there is a possibility he will return, but it’s unlikely as now that Rosalind and Banks have served to reveal Malick and Hydra are behind the ATCU, they are immediately killed off. Rosalind’s death does serve as a catalyst for Coulson’s emotional revenge against Ward, but we are now left without those characters that could have done so much more in their story arcs.

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