Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Chaos Theory // Recap Review

May confronts Andrew’s secret, Coulson puts on a tie for a meeting with the President, and Lincoln goes head to head with Lash.

Von Strucker survives his encounter with Ward’s thugs, going into a coma from his torture, but not before revealing Andrew’s identity as Lash, the monster that has been hunting and killing Inhumans. May does her own digging into Andrew’s recent activities, and comes to the same conclusion and decides to confront him herself before bringing anyone into the matter.

May isn’t the only one hot on the trail of Lash’s identity. While on the run, Lincoln has been reaching out to other Inhumans from the Afterlife community, and is finding them dead or missing. He knows of a ledger that Jiaying kept with the names of the Inhumans under her care, and he believes that ledger is in SHIELD’s hands, narrowing Lash’s identity to be among their ranks.

Meanwhile, Coulson, Daisy, and Rosalind, prepare for a meeting with the President and other international leaders to discuss the increasing threat of the Inhuman outbreak. During the flight, Rosalind and Coulson inch ever closer to becoming more than colleagues, but are once again interrupted when Daisy informs them Mack and Lincoln have information on Lash. With the news of Andrew’s Inhumanity, the meeting with the President is put on hold as they divert to confront their friend.

“Chaos Theory” starts quickly with the reveal of Andrew as Lash, focusing most of the episode on his frail state of mind. It’s heart breaking to see a character that was so strong and kind, be pushed to the limits by the very thing he studies and often helps others in. This instability and his motives of choosing the good Inhumans from the bad is another theme that has a strong possibility to lead to the argument of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War. Just as Rosalind said, for every Daisy Johnson, there’s a Lash.

However, revealing Andrew to be Lash is another story arch that seems to have come to a conclusion, at least for the time being. This, as well as Von Strucker’s usefulness to Ward and being tossed aside, an unfortunate theme is building of introducing and closing character’s story arcs too soon. Hopefully, these characters are not put on ice for the time being and their developments as characters will continue throughout the season.

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