Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Bouncing Back // Recap Review

Daisy chases a new Inhuman, Coulson gets closer to Malick, and S.H.I.E.L.D. remains in the shadows.

After a police supply of weapons is mysteriously stolen en route, Daisy and her team of fellow Inhumans, Joey and Lincoln, as well as Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter, head to Columbia to investigate and determine if they’re dealing with a new Inhuman. Shortly into their investigation, they get their answer when a woman who can move faster than they eye can see her kidnaps Mack to keep him from telling the others what he’d seen. Daisy is quick to pick up her trail, rescuing Mack and capturing the new speedster, Elena Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Coulson is determined to show just how much of a threat Gideon Malick and Hydra continue to be and meets with President Ellis (from Iron Man 3). As surprised as Pres. Ellis is at the continued existence of S.H.I.E.L.D., he’s very thankful as the world deals with the Inhuman crisis. However, with Rosalind dead, the A.T.C.U. needs a new leader, but Pres. Ellis doesn’t feel the rest of the world has forgotten the image of helicarriers crashing over D.C., and recommends S.H.I.E.L.D. continue to operate as usual with his support, and name Gen. Talbot as the acting head of the A.T.C.U., but will officially report to Coulson.

Back in Bogota, Columbia, Daisy speaks with Elena, using Joey as a translator. Apparently she is no criminal, and was stealing the weapons from the police in order to destroy them to keep the police from continuing to terrorize the citizens. Her claims ring true as the police capture Bobbi and Hunter, but not with guns, as a member of their police force is an Inhuman with the ability to temporarily petrify someone with just one stare. Daisy and her team storm the police compound to rescue Bobbi and Hunter and capture another Inhuman to stop him from doing more harm, when an unknown force appears and grabs him before they can.

With urging from Mack and Joey, Elena joins S.H.I.E.L.D. as one of Daisy’s new Secret Warriors, but decides to stay in Bogota with her people. This spurs a new way of doing things for Daisy as she gives leave for Joey and Lincoln to return to their lives as well, all with communicators to contact each other if they need help or are needed for a mission.

After his talk with the President, Coulson comes up with a way to get closer to Malick; by putting the young and comatosed Werner von Strucker into Raina’s memory machine and draw out whatever information they can. They nearly do more harm than good for Werner, but Coulson gets the information he needs and heads to a secluded shop with a secret phone line directly to Malick that Werner was only supposed to use for emergencies. It was merely a warning shot on Coulson’s part, to scare Malick and let him know they can and will find him. Malick has reason to be cautious, but has other worries on his mind, such as helping the rescued Inhuman Hydra leader from Maveth who possessed Ward’s decaying dead body recover its strength, and capture more Inhumans to build his army.

As a mid-season premiere, “Bouncing Back” wasn’t the most exciting episode, but it does set a strong path forward as we continue to the rest of the season. Daisy and S.H.I.E.L.D., now back in the U.S. government’s support, are heading up their fight against Hydra and Gideon Malick, looking for Inhumans to join the Secret Warriors. Hydra and Malick are running along similar motives, though more villainous, as they kidnap Inhumans to build their new army. The tensions between human and Inhumans is sure to rise, and with the government and A.T.C.U. staying in the picture, as well as bringing in the President introduced in Iron Man 3, there may be a very strong connection to the upcoming Civil War. It’s doubtful that Coulson will be revealed alive to the Avengers, but having Gen. Talbot as a character in the film who is leading the A.T.C.U. could play a big part in the civil war.

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